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Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess Mexico April 29, 2006

The Ship was late arriving, having experienced turbine engine problems - we were taken from the airport to a first class hotel, given 2 buffets and comfortable seating during our wait...which ended up being 7 hours. I was dissapointed that when we finally left the hotel, we were taken to the pier terminal only to wait another 2 hours along with 3000 other passengers.

When we finally boarded the first to greet us were the soda sales people - and within an hour of sailing after most of us had finally found a dining area to rest our weary bones and at last receive a wonderful dinner...we were told to muster. It was my understanding that the ships have 24 hours to conduct this drill so why they felt it necessary after passengers had already waited 9 hours to board, and had just sat down to dinner, I will never know. From then on the ship and the cruise were top notch and surpassed every expectation. I have sailed Princess, Royal and Disney, and Princess remains my favorite. My only suggestion to the Cruise line is...if there is a 9 hour delay and weary, hungry passengers are scurrying about, consider offering free soda for the week and put the muster drill off for a few hours!

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