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Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess
October 29, 2005

Just a short review of some of the food basics with our recently completed cruise. We are 2nd time cruisers.

FOOD: The buffet consistently had lukewarm food. Day in and day out. Some entrees were good and warmer than others but generally if you like your food hot, soup is the only thing you can get that is served hot. No crackers, just the soup.

Some of the food placed out in the buffet is unlabeled and you have to take your best guess at what it is, especially desserts.

We were on a Mexican cruise and surprisingly we had no Mexican food available. One restaurant (Santa Fe Grill) offers frajitas but they are not on the menu and must be requested. Dinner only.

The Grill served up barely warm hot dogs and buns right off the cooker too. Quite amazing. I saw hamburgers on the grill for at least 10 minutes (no longer cooking, staying warm) but I can't think of a hamburger franchise in the US that would overcook or keep warm burgers for such a long time and then expect someone to eat them.

Room service was pretty good. And, you could get a freshly cooked and almost hot hamburger to your stateroom with a minimum of fuss. The standard room service menu is very sparse. Our steward said we could order from the lunch and dinner menu but we didn't have access to those while in our stateroom so we never tested his statement.

Foods we were very impressed with: shrimp, beef wellington, steak tenderloin with red wine sauce, cheesecake, room service flan, room service cheeseburger, room service club sandwich, breakfast bacon (crispy), lox, crayfish (Florida lobster) tails, and I really enjoyed the beef fajitas but they might not appeal to everyone.

Foods that weren't well done: desserts (too much whipped cream base), corn on the cob, NY steak was quite bland, prime rib was bland as well.

My wife loved the pina coladas.

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