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Grand Princess
by Sorely Dissapointed
Southern Caribbean
December 21, 2009

This is the 6th Princess cruise and 18th overall and I have to say the Grand Princess ain't so Grand.

The best part was the itinerary although I wish Princess would stop visiting St. Vincent on Sundays as there is not much to do there. Unfortunately the negatives outweighed the positives.

I could never get a hold of the Circle Club rep. The food was severely subpar. And this was not just in the quality, the preparation as well - and portions too and even in the Speciality Steakhouse we had to send meals back. The Cruise Staff was smug and not interested in the passenger experience and seemed far from geniune -they were all as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Service was close to non-existant. Often times staff had the attitude that amounted to "Mr/Ms Passenger, you are inconviencing me and the only reason that I will stoop so low as to assist you is that someone may be watching." It was like the vibe was I like it here just fine with the exception of having to serve you. Often times orders were mixed up and they blamed it on staff being on their first cruise. Really, I don't care what number cruise this is for you - it's still my vacation and you should be trained so it doesn't show.

Placemats/napkins in the Lido were really worn. Public areas in the ship were tired looking, rather than fresh and inviting. They have made some substitutions (instead of halibut they now have tilapia).

Knowing that the main reason we chose this cruise was positive past experiences on the princess line and the great itinerary we were expecting a lot. The Grand Princess did not deliver, it was more like sailing on a toad with warts than a typical Princess vessel.