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Princess Cruises Grand Princess by Jo Anne & Dalila Western Caribbean December 22, 2002

My sister and I went on the Grand Princess Christmas Western Caribbean cruise 2002. We feel it is our obligation to inform others, especially minorities, regarding the treatment they will encounter on Princess. Not only was the cruise overbooked by over 200 people, there were not even enough towels to go around.

We had expected the entertainment to reflect the Caribbean culture, however, it was suppressed and given very little significance. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that this cruise line is very prejudice. It was obvious that certain "people" were excluded and neglected. In fact, to blunt be it was anti-Latin!!!

If you are a minority and want to receive subpar treatment and be marginalized then this is your cruise line. But if you expect to receive equal treatment then avoid this cruise line by all means necessary.

The entertainment was as bland as oatmeal with no diversity. The nightclub was as exciting and fun as a dentist visit. The DJ was the worst! He could not play a hit record if it was glued on his ass.

In addition, people were getting into verbal arguments over the lack of chairs/tables/space on the decks - especially near the pool or in the sun.

Embarkation: D

Our luggage as well as many others were lost from the embarkation in Ft Lauderdale. It was very late that night that our bags were "found" in the ship.

The Ship: C

The Grand Princess is big ship. Yet, since it was overbooked it still felt crowded especially in the pool area, restuarants, and sunbathing spots.

The Room: B

OK space but could be better in terms of bed, towels, and linens. In fact, we had to wait for hours for extra towels.

The Food: Overall D Dining Room: B+ The Dining room was the best option. The food was still bland. Photographer were rude and took teh worse pictures and we did not purchased not even one. Many individuals went around trying to sell stuff,

Horizon Court: B-

The buffet area was awful. The food looked and tasted awful. It was like eating in the mess hall of the armed forces or a prison.

Fast Food in the Pool Area: C

It was bad and cheap but readily available fast food that quickly became boring and tasteless increasingly each day.

Entertainment: F Again, no diversity. Boring, boring and boring. The nightclub was as exciting as a coma. The DJ sucked and played the worst music every single night. My 80 year old grandma would have done a better

Drinks & Booze: C

Very expensive. They penny pinch you here. They do not tell you that drinks (non-alcoholic is not free). You have to pay even for water!

Pools: D

Again since it was overcrowded the pools were always full. I rarely used them. Plus the against current pool is a joke - my five year old cousin could overpowered it.

People were hoarded spots as early as 6 a.m. They would leave "stuff" on the chairs all day to keeo the spots. It was very incumbment on the staff to prevent this. It is not fair to have passengers take it upon themselves to stop this unfair and abusive practice. Hence, many people "fought" for a bit of space. I am a NYer and I do not to deal with that crap on a cruise ship.

Photos: D-

The worst! The manner in which they are displayed is so unorganized that it can take up to a hour to even find your photos and then they turn out terrible.

The Ports: OVERALL B-

It is like they say you go on a cruise for the ship not the ports.

Grand Cayman: B- Requires a tender to get ashore and that makes a pain in the butt.

Cozumel: B

The port is not well organized and you must pass hoards of people selling you stuff.

Jamaica: F

Terrible terrible and terrible. People are rude and simply out to get $ out of you. Caní»t happen too soon for me.

Debarkation: D

A big mess where your bags are thrown without any regard. Porters are so eager for their tips that they are rude and show complete disregard for your belongings.

Overall: F

I will definitely cruise again but never with Princess. I truly felt that their service was awful and insulting.


Avoid at your own risk.

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