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Princess Cruises Golden Princess Eastern Caribbean December 7, 2002

This was only our third cruise. The first one in 1995 with Hawaiian American and in 200 on RCL Grandeur of The Sea. My husband and I are not into snorkeling or scuba diving or the athletic type. We enjoy cruising for the relaxation.

We flew to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday, December 7. all went well with the flight and arrived around 11:30 a.m. We took the transfer bus which was already waiting. We we got to the Princess terminal it was very crowded. We did have express check in. but that didn't seem to matter. The lines were long. When I finally got up to the counter the girl saw my express check in and kept apologying to me because I had to wait so long. Apparently too many people don't read signs and were in the wrong line. We probably reached our cabin around 1:45. I do think the next time I cruise that I will fly into port the day before the cruise. It was too stressfull worrying about the weather if flies would be cancelled.


We were on the Emeral Deck, port side, aft, room 718 mini suite. I was really happy with our room. It was more than what I expected. What was really nice was the private balcony. I think the highlight of my trip was having coffee every morning on my balcony watching the sun come up. Our cabin stewart Patrick was wonderfull. Always around when we needed him. He kept our cabin spotless. If anyone wants a mini suite on the golden I suggest don't get the ones on the Dolphin deck as there is no roof over your patio and every deck above can look right down on you. OUrs on the Emeral was perfect. There was lots of cupboard and drawer space.

We choose PC Dining. the first night we had to wait 30 minutes for a table for two. After that we decided to dine early at 5:45 and we requested the same section all week. Our two servers, Jenny & Happy were fantastic!! I was concerned about service changing since they eliminated how the tips are given out. But Jenny & Happy treated us like we were their only guests. We found all the food very good. Especially the cold soups were delicious. It amazed me how cooking for 2,600 passangers on board how my food could come out perfect every time. We enjoyed the breakfast and lunch in the Horizon court. Found that they had a big selection. As for the eating we enjoyed everything.

As for the ship. I found it to be spotless. I saw many times crew members washing railing, walls, ect. The ship is beautiful but I do find it was hard to get around on. Too many time have to go up and down steps to get where you wanted to go. The elevators I thought were confusing. You never knew when you got on an elevator which floors it would go to. That was a big complaint I heard most people say.

The entertainment was pretty good. Better than what we had on my two previous cruises.

The week of our cruise I think that probably about 70% the age was over 70. There apparently was a large groups of seniors from Florida on this cruise. Didn't see alot of children but what I did see I can say they were very well behaved.

The main pool area on deck 14 was always crowded. I perfered laying out on deck 16 aft. It was nice and quiet and there was two large hot tubs there.

And yes you do feel the motion on the ship this large. The first night out we hit rough water and the ship rocked and rolled. But after that calm waters and you still felt motion. But it was kind of a nice motion. Like rocking you to sleep at night.

Princess Cays was a nice island. Weather was great, the BBQ they had was good.

We really enjoyed our trip. As for the Princess Cruise Line, I would definately cruise with her again and on the Golden. Also didn't find one miserable staff on board. My husband enjoyed the trip so much he wants me to start looking for another one.

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