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Princess Cruises Emerald Princess Southern Caribbean March 25, 2008

The Emerald Princess is a stunning ship. However the spa staff ruined our vacation. My husband & I bought the thermal suite package. RIP OFF! There is no aromatherapy and people who didn't pay for it were constantly sneaking in. There is no one to check on the clients, so my advice is to take a chance and sneak down and don't pay!

I had a hair appointment at the spa just for a wash and blowdry. The hairdersser told me I had a horrible haircut and asked if he could fix it. I said sure. He started and only cut one side of my head and then said he couldn't concentrate and had to finish it 3 nights later at his next available appointment! I thought he was joking but when he started drying I realized he wasn't. After he was done he handed me a $30 discount coupon for a fat and cellulite treatment program since in his words "You need it for your fat!" I was horrified and ashamed!

At our massages the next day the massage therapist tried to sell me a $170 detox program because I was fat and had cellulite! I approached the purser's desk devastated by these occurrences and he said that his hands were tied since the spas are contracted by an outside company. I contacted Princess customer service and they gave me an unempathetic apology! A piece of advice if you are even slightly overweight -- stay out of the spa. You will only face ridicule!!

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