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Princess Cruises Diamond Princess Eastern Caribbean January 6, 2004

As we get home and reveiw our trip we realize what a special time this was. As with all travel there are a few minuses but they were few if you consider the pro's of the trip. This trip is for people who like being on the move daily. We went out of San Juan and other than 1 day at sea we were in a different port daily. Lots to see and a lots to do being in port so many days. Although there were activities aboard the ship by the time we island hopped and ate and tried to get a little rest by the pool we did not get to do many social activities. Each islsnd had its on flair and since my husband had had surgery this year we took tours by SUV with others and had a very enjoyable trip. We were so tired we opted out one day and just visited the port dock.

Best shopping was St Thomas and ST Marteen. The other islands had shopping but these were our favorite also in the way of sunbatheing on their beaches.

The ship is quite large and you need time to find your way but it doest take too long before you will be a pro. Pools centerd in middle of the ship. One is domed atruim.Quite clean

Now for the down side of the trip. The rooms although have a bit larger bath room. We Stayed in guaranteed room and out of 3 couples we had the best of the rooms. Oceanview.

Long way to buffet for coffee ( The worst I have ever had) the only good thing to say is they had some ! The buffet we ate out several time and found that the food was typical buffet but always plenty of it. The free +style dining was just OK but took way to long for your meal, no wait but one nite (dress up nite ) The only other pay a surcharge dining we did was the steakhouse and the food was WONDERFUL ! Worth every cent we paid.

I would go again and probably wouldn't even mine the same route. This was our 3rd cruise. the first with princess and also the best we have had. Trying a Norwegian cruise in the westwern Caribbean in August Hope it half as good and we will be fine !

(Maybe we will not be charged for the Ice Cream) Yikes ! Still A +

Our ages were 50 years sometimes this helps to know to know what age enjoyed the cruise ! Bon Voyage !

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