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Princess Cruises Diamond Princess' Mom Mexico January 15, 2005

My husband and I are frequent cruisers and our agent suggested we try a Princess ship this time. We took our married son and his wife alomg on our Diamond Princess cruise. We were all extremely disappointed. Never before have we not looked forward to dining on a ship. The personal choice dining sounded like something we would really enjoy. It was a great disappointment. The wait service was very inconsistent and that's being kind. We had waiters that were very good and attentive, and brought all the food at the correct time. That was on three occasions. The other nights we were at various times,ignored actually left for twenty minutes with no waiter or anyone show up at all, given cold food, not receiving a course item we ordered, or having all the food at once. They just didn't seem to know what to do. I think the quality of some of the food should have been better. The different dining rooms are a good idea but they need more variety on their menus and better training for the waiters. The buffet for breakfast was also poor. The setup is quite awkward, selections poor, and usually cold or greasy. We would like to have eaten in our room for breakfast, but no hot food can be ordered for breakfast on room service. I think a limited hot breakfast should be made available.

The 'instant'coffee always looked muddy when you added cream and was unappetizing even in the dining rooms. The different dining rooms were all very lovely to look at and had beautiful decor but the staff was not well trained.

Perhaps it has something to do with not having to work for a tip since over $6.00 per day per person is added to our bill for wait staff. I have never before wanted to withhold a tip to the waiter, we usually tip double the recommeded amount. This time was different.

The ship is beautiful, rooms were fine, our cabin stewards were outstanding. There was evidence of wear and tear already, but overall the ship is fine. The Wheelhouse lounge is a treat and we loved the music and dancing in that bar the most of just about any ship we have been on.

The shore excursions were good. Some excellent choices which we have not had before.

I could not however recommend this ship until they fix the food problems and train the wait staff better.

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