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Crown Princess
by rdepetro
Eastern Caribbean
October 9, 2006

I don't care what label they slapped on this ship, its a Carnival cruise ship so don't be fooled.

1) SERVICE - the pits, the staff was miserable which made the passengers miserable. The staff to passenger ratio is about 10 to 1 and they treated the passengers as a nuisance. Soda card - if you buy it, forget it; you'll never see another staff member again.

2) Food - was not edible most days, the buffet was preferable to the dinning room. If you ate in the pay restaurants, food was not bad.

The ship line does not provide trays in the buffet area. So, if you have a child with you and no food tray, you have to choose, utensils or your kid's hand because you're going to have to let go of one. The only drinks provided for free are coffee/tea and water. If you're traveling with children, juice may or may not be included depending on which staff member you get and what kind of day that person is having.

3) Condition of The Ship - the ship has not been fully repaired since the tip-over. Glass panes as still shattered on the upper deck.

4) Children Services - the kiddie pool, mis-designed since the inspection, has never opened and will not open until the ship is dry-docked, in a couple of years.

5) ADA Issues - all the doors leading to the outer decks, pool areas, etc., are very heavy and manual. The doors are attached to a mechanism designed to make them automatic/handicap compliant. Since the doors are all too heavy for the mechanisms, the mechanisms have burned out and no doors can be opened by a handicapped person and or with great difficulty. The ship is not ADA compliant. A staff member advised me that they are not obligated to follow ADA Rules, they are not American.

6) What your expectations are - if you're looking to be pampered, treated like a guest or just feel welcome - this is not the cruise to be on. If you are looking to be nickel and dimed, looking to loose weight on a cruise, looking to save money at port because your docking 15 miles away from civilization - this is your cruise!

This is only MY opinion. I suggest that each person form their own opinion based on their own experience. We personally found many unhappy people on this cruise from different walks of life and different age groups. It was a terrible way to waste 9 days of our life.