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Crown Princess
by Marsha Rodgers
Southern Caribbean
March 29, 2008

I sailed for 1 week with Princess on The Crown Princess with 7 other people. We are in our late 50's to early 60's. We experienced a terrible situation on the ship when we were approached to participate in the "sexy legs contest."

To make a long story very short, the Princess hostess in charge of the event planned an entire group of situations that she involved us in and did not inform us as to what was going to happen. My partner was the last man to be in the contest and he was told to throw in the judge (there were 3 judges, myself included). He did as he was instructed, only to find out this person was deathly afraid of water. The hostess announced on the microphone that my partner did it on his own, and that Princess had nothing to do with it. We were in shock. We questioned her. Needless to say our entire trip was ruined due to this. All of the people on the ship were calling Andy all sorts of dirty names. They even remembered him at dinner and in the halls. Well, my trip and his was a waste of money. We paid $3000 to be humiliated.

I contacted Princess and informed them of this. It took them 8 weeks to get back to me to basically say "too bad." I have sailed with several companies and I have never been treated this way.

I appreciate you allowing me to express how I feel about this experience. Thank You.