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Princess Cruises Coral Princess by chip nadeau Panama Canal

February 22, 2003

Great ship. Just under 2000 passengers which is great when you getting to any port-no long waits to embark or disembark.

PORT TOURS: of course, as with all other cruise lines, these were way over priced for what you get. We arranged a couple on our own and found out by the vendors that we paid half of what is charged to passengers who book thru the cruise line. No real surprise, but for the most part you can make arrangements to see many of the same sites when you arrive at the port as those pre-booked thru the cruise line can-at half price. Ports were interesting-Cozemel is of course the best - lots of shops good restaurants and very friendly people, cheap to eat and shop.

FOOD: The Pizza shack at poolside on the Coral Princes was outstanding! Great hamburgers and hotdogs as well. The 24-hour buffet (cafe) was also great, fresh, lots of choices, and Delicious. My wife preferred the cafe to the restaurants, as you didn't have to dress up, had a greater variety and food-tasted great! Buffet was always clean, well stocked.

I agree, after trying the open buffet /cafe on the Royal Crib. line (which was terrible) I was very impressed! The two alternative restaurants were also well worth the surcharge and not to be missed! One had Italian food the other Cajun. Service and food at both was first rate.

PERSONAL CHOICE DINING: You can choose to eat at one of the restaurants where you can eat when and where you want- no specific dining table or time! We did this, made a standing reservation with the maitre-d' (gave him $ 20.00) Thus after this one tip, we always got seated immediately, whenever we arrived at the appointed time, and always at our favorite table! We of course tipped him at the end of the cruise as well. Those complaining of waiting, well this would happen at any restaurant if you showed up without a reservation! One guy tried to get seated right away by stating he was a "retired superior court judge"! The maitre-d' looked at him with the look that said "and this effects me how". Well, he had to go back to the end of the line - too cheap and stupid to dispense with a little tip (after seeing us just walk right it (don't ya just love it?).

THE SERVICE: with respect to the cabin attendant and dinning staff, was great The other staff at least smiled and said hi whenever you passed them in the gangway or lobby. No complaints here.. POOLS: The ship had two fresh water pools (one covered so you could swim in anytime) they were always clean and refreshing. Very comfortable lounge chairs too.

ENTERTAINMENT: on board was a big disappointment except for one comedian named Bill Vader. He was great and got the only standing ovation and deservingly so.

CABINS: (We haad one with private balcony on Baja deck) Clean, comfortable and reasonable in size. This again was better than on the Royal Crib (Maj. of the Seas).

Downside: 10 day cruises tend to have a majority (65% at least ) of the passengers were well over 60 years of age.(so maybe this is why you get bland entertainment with the xception of Bill Vader). Music in all lounges was bland, soft 40s or some trio. No rock or upbeat music ! They also charge for ice cream at their ice cream bar ! Shore excursions are too expensive,

Overall: the food was much, much better than on the Royal Crib. as was the service. I would not hesitate to take this same (10 day) cruise again. Out of 5 stars I would rate it 4 over all. I would love to return on this same boat for the food, service and ports, but the entertainment is only good if your in your 70s !!!!!!!!!!


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