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Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess by Trish New England June 22, 2011


We were booked on a New York to New York, New England cruise and wanted to get off in Rhode Island and visit with our friends as this was the last port before the end of the cruise which was the next day in New York.

We were told we were not allowed to and we would be fined $300.00 each plus $1,000.00 each, they claimed there were no immigration people to handle us which I told them can't be true as they have crew and entertainers leaving the ship constantly.

I suggested getting off in Boston in a larger port and they again said no way.

Yesterday Princess called us directly and told us we were not welcome on their ship and they would only refund our cruise costs nothing else, as they did not want us to talk to any other passengers and felt we would be a detriment to the ship.

We are Platnuim with Princess and do three to four cruises a year and have done over thirty cruises.

So please beware before you book a Princess cruise Thank goodness there are other great cruise lines to choose from.

Remember the Jones Act that Princess likes to use.

Sincerely, A fellow world traveller

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