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Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess by Scott Eastern Caribbean August 15, 2008

We just got off the Caribbean Princess today. We had both positive and negative experiences on this cruise. Unfortuntely, some of the experiences were just too major to ignore. This is our 5th cruise, and our first Princess cruise.

Let me just begin by saying that if you are looking for a ship with amazing tasting food, this is not the ship for you. We are not picky eaters, but it was very easy to tell that the food was "diner quality" and sometimes worse. In the dining rooms, the food lacked flavor. The service was inconsistent. In fact, one night, we got the first appetizer BEFORE we got our drinks.

The food and service at the buffets wasn't any better. Much of the food was cold! The food seemed warm because the plates were! Even the main comedian aboard joked about this! Once again, diner quality flavored food for the most part. For breakfast, the bacon and sausage had tons of grease! Also, my father is diabetic. The selection of sugar-free desserts was extremely limited. At least Norwegian had ten different sugar-free desserts to choose from. This ship had only one choice, not to mention they did not put up a sign that said "Sugar Free" until we alerted the staff.

Now lets talk about the service. Why was it that everytime we sat down to eat at the buffet, they would close it? And, then they would tell us to go around to the other side to get more food (which was a big walk, especially with hot soup and hot drinks). This was a HUGE inconvience. Many passengers were sharing this complaint with us. Keep in mind, we went to the buffets at 8 different times, and each time it closed up for "a changing of the food."

"Find another table closer to the other buffet," said one of the buffet staff. Much easier said than done because of the crowds. Very hard to find a table! We have never experienced anything like this on any other cruise. It was highly frustrating. I had to walk a mile to get a piece of bread!

Now about the the entertainment -- The entertainment on the ship was great! Above average in our opinions! The only thing is the Princess Theatre is not big enough to accommodate a ship with over 3,000 passengers, even with two showtimes. Getting there a half hour before showtime was not enough to secure a seat. The comedian was outstanding and the hypnotist was very entertaining.

I also want to comment that our inside cabin was BIGGER than the outside cabins that we've been in on other cruises. The closet/drawer space was above average. The ship itself was a thing of beauty, but perhaps a bit too big and very crowded in many areas. Everything was clean and tidy. The steward was excellent and friendly. I cannot say the same for other staff members, especially the ones who sold the bingo cards. They looked like they didn't want to be there.

The casino was big, but extremely smokey with little ventilation! There is a sign that says NO CIGARS OR PIPES. That's okay because the cigarettes will get you. At least they had one NO SMOKING night and the casino was packed then. By the way, play the 2 cent machines, they are awesome and you can win a lot.

Don't expect to get a lounge chair anywhere near the pools if you come in the afternoon. Reserve yours early. You may have to skip breakfast to get one. We found nice private spots away from the pools.

We all loved Movies Under The Stars. It was a great alternative to the crowded Princess Theatre. They served flavorless popcorn, but at least it was a nice gesture.

Overall, we did have a good time, but I will have to take at least one other Princess Cruise before determining whether this is as good as they get. Many of our friends love Princess Cruises, so we are willing to give it another shot for comparison purposes.

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