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Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess Eastern Caribbean October 7, 2006

16 months after my 1st cruise on Caribbean princess I took a wester carib voyage. Th ship is ever as perfect as last year....maintained and staffed perectly....very very rarely was any sign of passenger wear evident.

Princess is doing a great job with this ship.

My only major complaint is wheelchair access.I was restricted to a motorized wheelchair and often found myself stuck on the door thresholds in the public area,(Horizen court to pool is worst)I was far from alone,people were constantly getting stuck or twisting an ankle. I'd have to sit till a good samaratain coud push me...and my chair was powerful!

I filed a "FORMAL" complaint with the pursers office only to be told by hotel staff they have complaints on EVERY cruise and nothing would ever be done...all it needs are the risers to go from 3 inchs to 1 inch.....should take maintenance all of a hour to fix.

Best Joe Carney

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