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Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess Eastern Caribbean October 1, 2005

I recently went on a cruise on the Caribbean Princess. This was my second voyage with Princess, the first being on the Diamond Princess.

I took advantage of the Lotus Spa on the Caribbean Princess, getting a massage, and it was Ok. However; after the massage, the therapist went off on a high pressure sales tactic to sell me nearly $300.00 worth of products I would never use. I did not buy them and after telling the therapist "no", she began haggling with me and I finally had to get up and get out of there. I was half naked on the little treatment table they put you on and this therapist was sales-pitching me some cleansing pills. She spoiled the whole experience and I even cancelled the second appointment I made prior to the cruise.

Also beware in the Lotus Spa, if they cannot fill your appointment time if you cancel, they will charge you a 50% cancellation fee. Fortunately for me they did fill my spot I cancelled for the second treatment and I was not charged a cancellation fee. If they had I would have taken it up with Passenger Services and would refuse to pay it.

I found the therapists in the Lotus Spa condescending and rude; first when I wouldn't buy the products and second when I cancelled the second appointment. I would advise potential passengers that if the therapists in the Lotus Spa get rude with you, get rude right back and threaten to cause trouble. They certainly don't want that.

On my review sheet given at the end of the cruise by Princess, I rated the Lotus Spa a poor rating because of their high pressure sales tactics and their attitude.

Other than that, the cruise was a delight and the Caribbean Princess was a great ship. I will sail on her again.

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