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Regal Empress
by Tracy
September 19, 2008

You know the old saying you get what you pay for well it is so true for this cruise line. To start off with we paid a total of $280 including taxes, fuel surcharge and fees for an inside stateroom with a double bed but when we got to the ship we were put in an inside stateroom with two twin beds, we tried to change it but there were none left unless we wanted to upgrade which would cost another $150 dollars per person, glad we didn't do that because we found out later that it wasn't worth the upgrade from someone that did do that, the room was also all the way on the last floor and during the night you could hear the waves hitting the side of the boat.

There was no television and even if we would have upgraded there were no T.V.s in those rooms either. The rooms were very small and the bathroom was even worse, no pressure and no hot water and you had to take a shower with the door open just to have space to move.

The food at the buffet (breakfast, lunch and midnight) was bland and it also was only available at certain times during the day, you could order room service but the only thing you could get was cold sandwiches, so if you happened to get hungry at any given time when there wasn't a buffet going on you were screwed, one of the people in my party tried to order a hamburger from room service and he was told that this wasn't McDonald's.

If you ate in the main dining area for dinner you were served a 5 course meal that was good and the service was awesome. The wait staff at the bar areas especially the pool deck were very good to the point of being bothersome, it seemed they would come around every 2 seconds to see if we wanted drinks, I think that is a little bit much.

Speaking of the pool deck, the pool was about the size of a back yard in ground if even that big, what a waste. The boat is also very small so if you have a tendency to get sea sick make sure you take your Dramamine because if there is any kind of rough seas, YOU WILL FEEL IT!!!!!

The boat is very old and on certain floors you can smell it, that musty smell, there were no shows to go and see to speak of, there was one dance floor about the size of a standard bedroom….The elevators are very small and take forever to go up and down so make sure your legs can climb all those stairs because you will get your exercise while onboard. If you have never cruised before then you really have no expectations then you should be fine but if you have don't bother going because you will be disappointed.

From what we could see and hear there were a lot of very disappointed people who will never be back again including us. If you really want to cruise spend the extra money and go on one of the major cruise lines, we have done Royal Caribbean and Disney, both were awesome and well worth the extra money.