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P&O Cruises Pacific Sun by Kathryn Lucas Other (Specified in Review) April 24, 2005

We returned recently from our fourth cruise. This one included Pentecost Island where we witnessed the great spectacle of the village land divers-the original bungy jumpers.

This is only done during April and May each year and was worth the walk through the mud to see. We picked the Pacific Sun for a few reasons. We live in Brisbane and had travelled on Pacific Sky last November. We then booked on Pacific Sky for Easter 2005 but the Sky had mechanical problems and the Easter cruise was cancelled. We decided not to risk the Sky again and went on the Pacific Sun although we had to fly to Sydney first to take the cruise. I'm glad we did.

The cabins on Sun were bigger and as we had our daughter and three year old grandson with us we needed all the room we could get.The Sun is set out in such a way that even though the cruise was full you never felt as though you were crowded. All the main lounges, library and entertainment venues are mostly on one level so that was good.

Our grandson would go to the kid's club after breakfast about 9.30 am. He would be picked up at noon for lunch and then back about 2pm for afternoon activities.Dinner was at 5pm for children as they have their own meal time.We took him on shore tours and played with him in the ships pool during the day.

The kid's club was great. Each day they had a theme, such as being a pirate. You have to obtain a beeper which costs $50 which is refundable at the end of the cruise.

If the staff need you they will beep you which can happen as the staff will not change the clothes of younger children.

Teenage children also have their own youth activities.

The highlight was Pentecost Island. We were lucky to see the land divers as this world famous event is held only during April and May. At the start of our cruise we didn't realise we were actually going to see such an extraordinary event.

The men dive from a 30 metre homemade wooden structure with vines tied around their legs.

The ports we visited were Divine Island (I didn't like the beach so much),Luganville(liked), Pentecost Island (loved), Mystery Island (loved it)and Noumea(didn't like it so much).

We also appreciated that the Sun's cruise was 12 nights compared to the Sky cruise's seven nights.

The Australian television show, The Great Outdoors, did a few days of filming during the cruise which will be shown next month.

Can't wait until our next cruise.

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