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Ocean Club Cruises Mirage 1 by michele phillips Bahamas December 25, 2003

Dear Joyce, ocean club cruises First I would like to thank you, for the VIP agent rate for the Christmas Sailing DEC 25, 2003. But I feel I have to express my disappointment of the ship and crew. I am just going to list them. They should really be addressed for some are very serious, and could be very dangerous. Joyce, as a cruise consultant and being a representative for carnival cruise line at the port of Tampa embarkation, and having been on many sailings on all kinds of ships, I am sorry to say this has been my worst experience on a ship, as well as for my sons,and to mention, never have I ever complained about a cruise before.

I feel it would be best just to leave your ship, as a party boat and not offer it as a cruise, especially for families. Many passengers were very upset, for this was a Christmas Cruise, and not a memorial one to remember. Regards Michele Phillips ( Cruise Consultant ) The Cruise Shoppe IATA # 10538194 Phone: 813-657-0128 1): broken shower head in shower.

2): tile coming off the floor in shower.

3): broken hair dryer.

4): no lights at night in front of bow of ship as well as decks.

5): pregnant woman in there third trimester sailing, (coast guard regulation states women in there third trimester can not sail).

6): rutter on ship made a terrible noise while turning.

7): passenger fell on escalator no report was written up.

8): hotel director was not on board was on vacation.

9): broken token machine in game room kids could not play games.

10): movie theater shut down technical problems.

11): casino machines always having problems.

12): our waiter first day of sailing at lunch made a comment he was tired of waiting on us lazy passengers and ignored our request for more water or beverages.

13): our waiter first night of sailing dinner made a comment, of myself being five minutes late for dinner and that can not happen again we requested different rolls and was told since we were late there is no more. reason for being late broken hair dryer had to comb hair to dry.

14): when food ran out on buffet for lunch we the passengers were told there was no more food.

15): on the second day of sailing port day when we came back for the afternoon snack outside there was no more hamburger buns or ketchup wait staff told us passengers there is no more on the ship than started to pull the food before it was time to when passengers complained wait staff made comment to bad. i went to the food manager than he came back with more food and ketchup himself.

16): same crew staff worked all shifts no time off from morning to night.

17): purser staff was of no help i was told that is the way it is.

18): asked to have tip removed from my credit card made sure three times that it was done i was still billed for it but made sure they did remove it last day of sailing asked if they would send me new bill was told i had to get it i expressed my thoughts and after so, they did bring it to my cabin. for i tipped in cash, only for the reason i felt bad for the crew.

19): we did not attend the last night dinner for the reason of how we were treated on the first night.

20): i had asked for a cappuccino and was charged. for coffee?

21): i was told by crew and pursers the ship is on a schedule and when it is time for the food to be over with they are to pull it or not replenish it and that the owner and upper management does not really care.

22): the crew on board are not very happy with there jobs and it does reflect on the passengers.

23): entertainment cruise director excellent.

24): casino staff very good as well as bar staff seems they are treated better than other crew staff no wonder that is where the money is.

25): food manager did the best he could. but seems his hands are tied.

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