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Delta Queen Steamboat Company Delta Queen by Margaret Swan USA: River Cruise July 30, 2004

My husband and I were one of the lucky 49 who took the Heart of America cruise (all 43 days of it!). We are Delta Queen fans. We traversed many riverways, and were the first Steamboat in 130 years to cross Mobile Bay, and the Mississippi Sound! The Delta Queen Steamboat Company treated us right! I mean having lunch in New Orleans at Emeril's Delmonico Restaurant was fantastic. Each person and/or couple received many benefits---the last being a U.S. Flag (properly framed) that had flown on the Delta Queen sometime during our voyage.

We were treated to a little langaippe as far as the meals were concerned. The crew were their usual fantastic selves---especially the waiters and bussers.

The rest of the staff were equally good, and we, once again, met old acquaintances--staff and passengers.

I must say that the new Homeland Security Rules were a pain in the neck. Bilox, MS had not completed their paperwork for the MERSAC rules and we had to dock in Gulfport, MS. Also, being caught in a political rally in Wheeling, WV was not picnic--espcially with the Secret Service around, and under the boat! The campain involved did make a token contribution for the inconvenience, and the parent company treat everyone to an open bar until we left for our next port of call.

The Delta Queen, the young gal that she is (79 years and going strong) is a wonderful experience for the over 50 crowd. If you return as often as we do, you become family. and that is what it is all about!

The rooms, though small, are comfortable.

Thank you for letting me "sound off" about my second home--I am a frequent floater, having traveled with the company some 45 times (soon to be 47).

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