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P & O Cruises Azura by cshowey P & O Azura July 14, 2012

P & O - Fjords

The aim of this review is to warn future cruisers to avoid cabin D524 on the Azura. We booked this cruise at the last minute and unfortunately we were allocated cabin D524, which I believe was the last available cabin. This cabin is located next to a large air conditioning unit and it’s difficult to describe the intensity of the noise and vibration coming from this unit - much like a steam train rattling through a wind tunnel – on and on incessantly. I found the first night so stressful that I ended up crying into my vibrating pillow.

I feel that there should be a void between the air conditioning unit and the cabins. In my opinion this cabin is not suitable for sleeping in and whatever one pays for a cabin one is entitled to a good night’s sleep. In fact, we paid £100 pounds more each for this cruise than it was advertised for a few weeks earlier.

I believe P & O obviously know about the noise emanating from this cabin and still chose to offer it to its customers – its their swings and roundabouts attitude. Some people will complain, some will just let it go but whatever the outcome P & O still make money from it.

It was such a disappointment because otherwise, it would have been an enjoyable cruise and we were blessed with some sun, especially on our sea days.

We did a couple of P & O excursions in the smaller ports – the coach and rail trip and a walk to the glazier – which is quite strenuous. I would recommend excursions in the smaller ports because there is very little to do in these ports otherwise.

As we have found on past P & O trips staff always friendly and very hard working

We have been very loyal to P & O over the last few years and stuck up for them when others have slated them but on this occasion I feel that we were totally ripped off.

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