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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Wind by Juraszek Hawaii March 3, 2003

This was our first cruise and what a disaster! What a complete waste of money. If anyone is thinking of taking a cruise with NCL, PLEASE, PLEASE rethink your vacation plans completely. You DO NOT want to sail on this ship - or maybe for that matter, with NCL at all. The ship, which is old by cruise ship standards, smelled like feces and diesel exhaust the whole 14 days! You could not avoid the smell no matter where you were. If you tried to take a walk on the promenade deck you had to put up with the smell of excrement.

The ship as a whole was dirty and smelly. The carpet all over the ship (inside and out) smells and needs to be replaced. Most of the chairs in the restaurants were badly stained. The food was awful! I lost over 2 pounds on this cruise. I had heard about the wonderful food, buffets and service on cruises. NONE were to be found on this particular ship. Overall, the food quality was on par with a nursing home.

Add to that that about 1/2 of the machines in the so-called gym were broken...


NCL apparently has a habit of selling extremely cheap fares on this ship to sell out the space. The ship was a complete disappointment. There were hardly any festivities, any decorations, any special anything! My husband and I were constantly joking about how bad this trip was just so we wouldn't cry through the vacation.

NCL's "freestyle" cruising concept is terrible. Because you "pay" your tips up front by an added $10 per person per day, the servers feel that they do not have to wait on people. We barely saw any servers at poolside. On all days except one (out of 14) we had to go up to the Sports Bar to fetch our own drinks. Now that's a vacation is it not? Also, when asking for towels, which they were frequently out of, we were told to get our own!!!

Again, do not cruise with NCL. You will be disappointed and will have wasted your money.

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