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Norwegian Wind
by Brenda Hamilton
November 29, 2006

My husband and I cruised aboard the Norwegian Wind from November 29th to December 9th, 2006. The cruise started off well. The check in procedure went very smoothly and our luggage was delivered promptly. Our room was quite small buy hey you get what you pay for, at least it was clean. The housekeeping staff do a good job. The buffet was ok nothing to rave about.

The other restaurants are better particularly the Bistro.

The entertainment was good.

Unfortunately a few days into our cruise we both became ill with a norwalk like virus. According to the Captain, 3% or about 60 passengers contracted this norovirus. Unfortunately we were ill for several days and even once we were no longer quarantined, we still felt sick and drained. It is a very nasty virus. We didn't see much of the ports as we didn't feel well enough to go on any tours. We were not impressed with our treatment by medical staff and though some of the other staff were friendly, many were not. We found that there was a great lack of communication about the illness onboard. All together, thumbs down to NCL.