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Norwegian Wind
by J. C. Fackrell
April 1, 2006

What a disappointment. We had sailed on this ship several years ago and were expecting something similar. They have taken out the dining rooms and the atrium and I guess sold more cabins. The food was fancy but small servings seasoned with rather nasty and/or unusual seasonings most of the time.I ordered a steak (special order) twice. Both were abour as thick as a deck of cards and poorly seasoned and cooked.

We got the impression they were trying to force you to use the "specialty" restaurants to get a decent meal. The dining room is what used to be the buffet eating area. The buffet is what was a small bar and is too small to accomodate even half those there at mealtimes. Never can you find a table to yourself. They suggest going down a level. Try that with a drink and a couple of plates of food with people crowding in and out of the elevators.

The entertainment was about equal to a high school assembly. They have gone cheap! Cheap! Cheap? It is really too bad because our previous voyage was so nice. The accountants have struck again I guess.