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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Wind Hawaii August 21, 2004

The good points!

Embarkation was fast and simple. They even had someone escorting people to the cabins, which I thought that was nice. Cabins were kept very clean; cabin stewards were friendly and worked very hard. The picture package was an excellent deal. I recommend everyone take the package. Even though it seems to change in price on a cruise-by-cruise basis. My friends who traveled in July paid $149.00 and when we traveled in August we were charged $199.00. The ship itself is kept in good shape, always clean.

The Bad Points! Where do I begin? Oh gosh! My husband is a diabetic I had specified that when I booked the cruise, and told them that a refrigerator is needed in the room for storage of the insulin. When we arrived it was not in our cabin. I called the service desk and informed them, 4 hours later still no refrigerator. A second call was required. After waiting 6 hours we finally got the refrigerator. Luckily we got some ice and kept the insulin chilled until the refrigerator arrived.

The food. Breakfast in the Buffet on the 12th Floor is always the same. Cold, powdered scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, fruits, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cereal. Bad enough it was always the same, but worst of all was that everything was always COLD. The service was lacking the staff was rude. And when they do talk to you you cant understand what they are saying. The seating is minimal we had to take our food to our rooms many times due to overcrowding.

Breakfast at the main restaurants. The only restaurant open for breakfast was the Four Seasons. You had an option of the buffet or ala carte. Breakfast was better with an option of eggs to order. The service was still lacking, staff very rude and slow. Breakfast was still cold but bearable. You had a waiting time of about 30 minutes to be seated. Lunch - You can count on chicken and salmon that was on the menu each day. Once again the food warmers don't seem to work on the buffet line food was always luke warm. Dinner - The buffet, Four Seasons, Terrace, Le Bristo, La Tatoria. Buffet was always crowded, and the food was lacking if you love chicken or salmon this is definitely the vacation for you. Every single night you could find that as the meals. Four Season - If you do not make a reservation you have a waiting time for up to and 1-½ hours. So reservations are a must if you have cranky husbands or children who are rushing. The food was average. For people who don't know much about food I guess they would think it was ok. The menu was always the same at Four Season and at the Terrance changing on a daily basis. Service was lacking. La Tratoria was the same exact menu for the entire week, and the second week it changed but was also the exact menu for that week as well. The waiting line was up to 1-½ hours. Food was average. Service was lacking moody people, and if you ask questions or for help god forbid, you will hear them slamming plates and silverware. Not too friendly. The farewell night the food was delicious, that was the only night we enjoyed our dinner at the restaurants above. Le Bristo - Now that was something everyone should go to. A $15.00 cover charge and a $20.00 cover charge, if you want the surf and turf plus a 15% or 20 % gratuity. The food was excellent and hot. The service was excellent the waiters were friendly. A lesson to be taught to the others. The fondue was unbelievable. Even though I see no need to charge a cover charge for this restaurant it should all be part of the cost of the cruise. Warning - Soda Card - Soda card is a must unless you love water or ice tea that taste like water. I've been on other cruises that officer lemon aid and different juices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without forcing you to buy the Soda Card. While the Soda Card itself was a necessity, the waiters give you a hard time when you show them the soda card. Even making you wait when you were first in line they would take others who did not have the soda card first since they knew you were not going to give them a 15 % gratuity if you had your soda card. Ice cream bar was only for 2 hours a day and usually it was on the hours that you were on the island. So if you have kids be prepared to pay extra for the Ice Cream they offer at a cost. The Islands we visited were amazing, while the tender boats were another story. Unorganized Unorganized Unorganized! You must wait for hours on line for a tender ticket. If you have an excursion which was mostly what we had in all the islands that was totally unorganized. They make you wait for hours in the Lounge on the 10th floor no one knows what's going on and you're usually an hour late to all the ports and another hour late to your excursions. Beware if your excursion is not booked through the cruise line. A lot of the excursions were over priced. I compared prices on each of the islands we visited for the same excursion I was doing on the specific day and normally the excursion was double the price through NCL. One of our excursion leaders when asked for a brochure that he had at the front said he could not give us the brochure due to the fact that NCL would terminate their usage if they told us how much they (NCL) made extra off of the excursion. It's a shame that NCL would take advantage of the customers on the cruise. Activities on the ship are VERY LACKING not much to do after 11:00PM. This is not a good cruise for the young party people. Fanning Island you must do the Private Beach excursion. You wont regret it. This is my first and last cruise with NCL. Most people say three times your out. My saying is once is enough.

Debra Pagan 262 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002

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