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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Wind Hawaii July 7, 2004

This was my sixth NCL cruise, but first since they went to freestyle cruising. I am not a fan...The ship is older and its shows, the carpet is well warn and the furniture needs reappolstering. The staterooms are small but, comfortable, with plenty of storage space. My biggest complaint is that after the lengthening of the ship in 1997 the pool deck is down in a box, due to the owners suites, so you feel very closed in around the very small pool. The lengening also made getting around the ship more difficult because some of the stairways only go to certain floors. The Stardust lounge(showroom) is small and with out scheduled dinning times it was very difficult to find seats for the shows. I had read previous reviews which talked about the raw sewage smell on the decks, it was always bad on deck 7 (Promenade deck) our cabin was on deck 6 and we smelled it occationally. The food was much better than I had expected, the fish was very good most nights, and the steak Dianne, was excellent. We made standing reservations the first day for the Terrace restaurant, there are two times at 6:30 and 8:30, we chose the later and were normally seated earlier about 8pm. If you don't have reservations people were waiting 1.5hrs for dinner. I would avoid the four seasons dinning room, because the service is Horrible, we ate lunch there one day and it took 2.5hrs. we agreed to join a larger group and they didn't take any orders till the entire table was full which took a while. Then the service was horribly slow, some people just left early. The sports bar where the buffet meals are serviced is very small and congested, it was very difficult to get a table for breakfast or lunch. We sent one person to find a table while the other was in line for their food, and then switched. The Tratrorria (Italian rest) is very good and the service was fine, and the Le Bistro(service charge $15) is excellent, definatley worth the cost, we ate there the last night because the dinning room menu was bad. I wish we had done it earlier beacuse we would have gone back again.

I would recommed the ship if you get a great deal and want to see the Hawaiian Islands over 10-11 days. There are other cruise lines that do Hawaiian cruise at other times of the year that are much better, without the draw backs. However, keep your expecations in check, and be prepared for lines and congestion on Deck 9 at meal times you will have a nice vacation.

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