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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Wind Hawaii February 22, 2003

As a experienced cruiser, I would not recommend this 10 day Hawaii cruise, unless you are very budget minded and love bingo. For someone who hasn't cruised before, it might be OK, but it you like Carnival or RCL, forget this ship.

Boarding was actually great. We flew in the previous night and were some of the first on board. Our cabin was about as far aft as you can go, and thus noisey at night due to mechanical noises. Otherwise, the cabin was fine. No complaints about the size.

Freestyle cruising - a hit or miss option. We ended up waiting in line for almost an hour to get a table. Most people wanted to eat at the same time, and it was impossible to get a table in less than 30 min. We did find out that sitting at larger tables got you better service. Generally, we thought the service was terrible compared to other cruiselines. Waiters forgot to bring bread, ignored us, we didn't see the wine steward if we didn't order the first time he came by, which was usually immediately after we set down, so we didnt know whether to order red or white. So much for wine with dinner.

On board activities were very limited, usually bingo or horse racing. The casino is closed in Hawaii, so forget that. The TV options were very limited, esp during the days to Kiribatir, where we lost satellite feed. Since we are fair skinned, we couldn't spend most of the day sunning, which made things worse. The Hawiian culture talks were always early in the morning, which made the afternoon quite long. No deck games to speak of. We are in our late 30s/early 40s, and were probably one of a handful of couples under 60. had the disco to ourselves, and always got picked by the crew when they did have "activities"

Almost never saw our cabin steward. The elmination of tipping the individual has, in our opinion, resulted in lack of motivation and bad service. Same in the dinning room and bars. Shows were OK, but we missed the "best" show because our waiters disappeared during our meal to make a guest appearance at the early show for crew appreciation. Since this was during our "Special" dinner in the reservations only restuarant, this 30 min delay resulted cold food AND the missed show, which made it pretty bad.

It wasn't until half way through the cruise, in Maui, that we really started having a good time. We missed our sunset tour because the tenders were stopped for 30 min due to swells. The ship liason at the dock told us we should have been on the dock, so it was our fault, and didn't want to refund the money. After much argueing, when we found out that the tour wasn't charging the ship for us, we finally got a refund. We ended up taking another party boat out, and had a better time there than if we had been in the uncovered sailboat.

I've done Hawaii several times, and while Maui and Kaui were great, I'll never recommend doing a cruise on Norwegian. There was no aloha spirit on board. I feel like I wasted half my trip.

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