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Norwegian Sun
by Bajabob
June 9, 2007

Just got back from a cruise on the Norwegian Sun; first-time cruise for me and 2nd for my wife. We took our 3 kids as well and they had a great time although they didn't have many (any) friends to play with that were their age. The average age on our cruise was 67 years old (demographics supplied by ship staff) but this didn't really matter too much to my wife and I as we noted that everybody seemed to be having a great time.

The Good:

Our arrival went smoothly and our luggage was received w/o any problem. Our cabin stewards were great and did a wonderful job all week long.

The food in the dining rooms was great and the freestyle dining setup was nice. My wife commented that it would have been nice for a formal evening where everybody dressed up but we set our formal nights with our family and everything worked out great. The staff were very good at what they do and we didn't have a complaint about the service. The food in the buffet wasn't so good but you didn't have to eat there if you didn't want to so it wasn't a big deal. Drinks were good and the prices were what we paid at the restaurants in Vancouver so were weren't shocked. Even the beers (5.50 for a 16 oz glass) were tasty and not overly priced. (Go to a Sacramento Kings game and order one of their 10 oz budweisers for 8.00 and you'll appreciate the brew on the cruise)

The ship was well maintained and nicely appointed. The entertainment on board was great and there was something going on every night. Shuffleboard, ping pong, hoops and volleyball free of charge. No rock climbing wall or other neat stuff but considering the age of the guests it wasn't much of an issue.

Dance lessons were AWESOME, Free and great fun for all. The only thing that could have been done better would be to have a dance night after the lesson so we could have tried out our new moves. The instructors were very nice and lots of fun.

The Bad:

The Fitness Center staff were terrible. They offered yoga classes and the guy teaching the class had no clue at all. Awful and they charged 10.00/class.

They also were pushing a detox program where you sit in a lecture for 40 minutes and they tell you why you need to detoxify your liver and then try to sell a bodyfat composition test ($30.00 for an electrode based test similar to the testing performed by the newer high tech bathroom scales available at Costco) upon which the results acquired will determine your needs for an algae supplement to detox your liver and colon. Of course, the supplements are what are really going to cost you the $$$ (6-month supply, I didn't stick around to find out how much). The women's instructor was a former gymnast who had no qualifications whatsoever for pushing the stuff they were trying to sell. Quite possibly the BIGGEST RIP OFF I'VE SEEN. SHAME ON YOU, NCL!!!!!!! At least back up the presentation with some citations from legit medical studies (there are some of us on board with medical backgrounds, do they think all passengers are complete idiots?) They prey on the older clientele promising better health and flatter abs (another class based on shaky incorrect science trying to sell the bodyfat compostion test). Very bad indeed and most people we talked to were very disappointed. However, the gym and fitness equipment were very nice.

The casino odds were pretty skewed but that was expected. I think I won 3 or 4 hands at blackjack and blew $100.00 at 5.00/hand in about 20 minutes. Nobody's fault but mine.

Internet access was a ripoff also but I didn't need to use it so it didn't affect me that much (75 cents/minute) WHOA!

Video arcade should have been free for the kids (IMHO)

Not too many other complaints that really stick out, so all in all the trip was definitely a 2 thumbs up!