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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Sun December, 2001

Having done the NCL SEA last December, sailing on the SUN this past week was nice to make comparisons to. Briefly, we enjoyed the new SUN very much, it is a beautiful ship with loads of little cubby holes to hide away in to read or just put your mind in "neutral" for a little while. So many places that there were a few areas we never even got to in the week.

- On departure day, it was nice to see the Coast Guard patrolling near the big vessels and keeping folks away. It was bad to see the entire Observation Lounge blocked off for some private get together, it spoiled the departure view that many would have liked to have had.

- The Sports Lounge had 10 tv sets, 9 of them on ESPN and one on CNN: that could have been done better. Plus, the Sports Lounge had a beautiful wood plank floor that was all chewed up in many places due to the bottoms of the chairs placed in that room. Large gouges that look horrible.

- It was nice to see the grate that was placed between the balcony ledge and the people down below in the Stardust Lounge. It was there to keep bottles and glasses from popping folks on the head: nice touch. Soft drinks came two ways: in the can for $1.50 or in a tall glass for $1.00. But we caught a few occasions when the higher price was charged for the glass only: honest mistake? Made several times?

- The layout of the ship suffered in a few areas and really caused congestion. It was impossible to get from the rear 7 Seas dining room on deck 5 and go forward to the atrium area/reception area. You had to go up to 6 walk to the center elevators or stairs and then back down again. Strange, and stupid. Likewise, it kind of appeared that you had to walk through the casino on deck 7 to go from front to rear. Actually, there was a side hallway that was not marked at all and we eventually stumbled upon it.

-We had one to the two unique category BE balcony cabins. Most are on the side of the ship, but two were tucked in the rear between some penthouse suites. Being back there meant no wind, which was nice. On some evenings walking down the hallway we could hear loud wind noises coming from the side balcony cabins. - The hairdryer is more powerful than on the SEA, but it is mounted on the wall over the toliet and not to the side of the mirror. Which makes it tough to blow dry hair and look at the mirror at the same time. But the cabins were of more than adequate size for two.

-The food: we thought the buffet in the Garden Cafe was not as good as the SEA last year, and put it in a marginal category. The two main dining rooms served perfectly acceptable food, and they generally had slight variations on one or two main dishes.

-While the ship is larger/heavier than the SEA, the rocking seemed to be identical in the same seas. But not uncomfortable by any means, I just thought the newer and larger ship would be more stable than the NCL SEA was.

- The photographers are a new contract group and we had carefully been placing all our pictures in one spot, from the different settings and times taken. We intended to then gather them up and buy several but in their infinite wisdom, the photographers took many away (including ours) Friday afternoon. Shame on them, they lost our business.

-Overall impressions: perfectly good food, good waiters out of the group, nice ship and itinarary. We would book it again in a heartbeat, except we booked the new NCL DAWN while yet onboard the SUN. Sailing a new ship is kinda fun.

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