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Norwegian Sun
by Kimbo
Western Caribbean
January 23, 2007

Just got back from the sun. It was me and 3 other girls. Overall had a good time. The ship seemed a bit older. A Little wear and tare hear and there. Food and Service on the ship was great. one girl even comented she would lick her plate if no one was looking!! We did go to le bistro one night, was good but not great like it was on the jewel. Desserts were scrumptious!!! mmmmm! never saw my room stewart but that was fine with me, my room was always clean and stocked well. Very friendly staff. A couple of issues ....

Whats up with all the smoking?? Was it just more noticeable because the ship is smaller? There is a smoking area in the main atrium and the casino is located just off the main atrium so the combination of the two just billows through there. Plus one of the main dinning areas is off the main atrium so if you sit close to the front of the restraunt you might as well say you are in a smoking section. YUCK!

The other main complaint was the days at sea, they set up tables in the hallways of photo gallery , main atrium, and not only were they selling gifts/jewelry/purses, but also crakets and the sellers were pushy and loud like those found on the streets of cozumel.... "Hey madam come look at my jewelry....madam come over here and look at the purses, ...madam dont you want to buy some crakets for a chance of winning a cruise" litterally yelling at you in the hall. How tacky is that??! We never saw that on the jewel? Is it a ship management thing? I sure hope so!

Went to costa maya and cozumel.

The chochoban ruins in costamaya were neat. in a jungle. that was cool. Snorkeling/playa mia beach in cozumel was a bust. there was hardly anything left of the reef i guess from the hurricane. been to passion island in cozumel before ...Much prettier!!! Buffet at playa mia was just okay.

It was a neat experience doing this without my family and just the girls. We found out alot about each other thats for sure!!! LOL

Me and my husband and daughter are suppose to go back on the sun in april.....but I'm real uncomfortable bringing my 5yr old to such a smokey ship. Trying to get it changed to the pearl. Yet I know there will be smoke on anyship...but maybe the smoking wont be as noticeable if its not in the atrium?