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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star Hawaii February 3, 2002

We, My wife Janet and myself were quite concerned while heading to Hawaii because on the way over we had read 9 different reviews about this ship others had written. We found all but one were very negative to the point that I felt like turning around and heading home.

I will ( in order to keep this review relatively short ) get right to the point. We neither work for or have any affilaition with the cruise line other than we have been on ten other cruises and have our likes and dislikes like all do. We have been on The Dream ( twice ) and the Norway last year. The others were other carriers. Our bottom line is for this cruise: Go and have fun, we liked the ship 100% the staff 95%, the food 98% and the itinerary 75%.

We truly enjoyed this cruise, it gave us time to relax. The Fanning Island situation (going over 1000 miles one way ) did seem hard to figure, but they have to go to another country because of the Jones law created because they are not an American cruise company. We really made the best of this situation and enjoyed the time, and the people of the island were really nice and the cruise line really tried hard in this situation and many others to make it as nice as possible under the circumstances. We could see this extra effort in many other things they did also. We also could not use tenders in Maui Lahaina and went to the other side of the island. The cruise line supplied really nice buses which ran all day long to bring and take people to Lahaina. All in all, we had a great time and as for the reviews I read from others, I'm sure they were factual at the time, but they are really trying hard to improve and in our book, did a great job of it.

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