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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star by Jenny Tran Alaska July 3, 2010

My significant other and I have been on Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Norwegian Star is the worst cruise experience we have had.

The Norwegian way - "Service-teamwork and yes lead to excellence." and "You're free to whatever! " is a total joke! I've never heard so many no's with bad attitude in my life! and you're not free to whatever because they have a full on itinerary, so if you wanted to do something you better have a watch on you to make sure you don't miss it... most of time... one time shows only! Unless it's a function to buy something... horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!!!

They have this thing, they call it FREESTYLE cruising. This just means that it is an all-inclusive trip. What they don't tell you is that, unlike the other cruise lines... There are only two restaurant that serve the same thing and a buffet that is included. The other 5 restaurants are not and you have to pay anywhere between $10- $30 a meal to get decent food. This is on top of the $800.00 you are paying for over cooked, luke warm to cold food everyday.

The service was not good. Other than our super friendly house cleaning service. The waiters/ waitresses, customer service, and well... anyone else were always giving you bad looks, and pushing you to buy a drink from the bar or get something extra... I'm talking constant pressure, every second. This is because that they are under paid and you get charged an extra 15% for gratuity which they live off of. They are everywhere! At the " free entertainment" , casino, etc. They also wear different hats and work 16 hour days it seems... the same guy that was at the pool, at 10 am, was serving me at noon, and then was "entertaining me" at 10 pm!

You also get charged an extra $12 a day each person for gratuity. They also encourage and recommend that you give them extra! yaaaaay!

I went on the 7 day Alaska trip and other then the beautiful view. Everything else was so mediocre.

oh by the way, other than breakfast. The only free drink included in your all-inclusive trip is tap water.

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