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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star by Sylvia South America October 17, 2009

We cruised with the ncl star from 17 till 24 October 2009. This cruise wasn't what we expect from it because our cruise started with a major leak in our romance suite After 3 hours at sea from L.A. It all started fine and we had a wonderful time at the pool listening to the music from shaggy and enjoying the ship/ beginning of the trip. Then when ware thinking we are going to our nice cabin and sip from the bottle of champagne how was waiting there for us on ice.

What a disappointment when we arrived in our cabin !!! there was water leaking from the ceiling and the carpet was al wet. by coincidence our butler arrived 10 seconds later to introduce himself, he phoned maintenance the came and the stopped the leak in a few minutes. But the carpet was still wet and they try to fix it with huge ventilators how where placed in our room but this should take at least a day !!!!! So there goes our relaxed sipping from our champagne and the relaxed start of our holiday.

I went to the reception and asked if they have another room for us since our carpet was wet, they did not have anything available. But they wil send some strawberries dipped in chocolate, I told them that we get the strawberries anyway since we paid 4000 dollar for this cabin / trip. There was nothing they can doe they said, and so we slept in our one cabin (10726) and at night when we went to the bathroom we returned to bed with wet and cold feet. Is this normal ??!!!! when you pay 4000 dollar for 1 week one what should be an relaxed experience. The next day there have been maintenance people entering and leaving our cabin to dry the carpet, so another day ruined where we couldn't relax at our balcony and enjoy our privacy.

The concierge Simone offered us a dinner in one of the restaurants on board, she was the only one how really did effort to make us feel happy. But a 20 dollar dinner doesn't do it for us. We missed two days from our holiday and in special the beginning what mostly is what makes the rest of your experience.

So we aren't that pleased with ncl and we didn't had the cruise we dreamed of.

Normally we are not complaining and thinking "put it in a bubble", but when you pay so much money for a bad experience, you keep a bad taste in your mouth. And that is what we have.

We send a letter to NCL to ask them if this is normal, the say after 3 months of waiting without any reaction and after I send them an email to ask if they have received our letter that they lost the logbook.

So NCL really sucks !!!!!!!! they never see me again !!!!

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