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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star by Otto Mexico March 21, 2009

NCL stands for NO CASH LEFT. They charge extra for decent food, food or drink classes and crazy expensive drinks with 15% tips added. A "Soda" bracelet is over $6.00 A DAY.

Check in at LA harbor is a joke. Hey, NCL -- take note of how Carnival does it.

The staff, for the most part, tried their best. Our room stewards were excellent.

The food choices were a joke. You could eat at the buffet for breakfast or lunch, which was along the quality of a cheap all-you-can-eat place. The two main dinner places started at the begining of the week along the quality of a Sizzler, but by the end of the week it was pretty bad. You could, however, pay extra money to eat in a better place, from $10 to $25 dollars per person depending on which place you went to.

NCL spent more time trying to seperate us from our money than they did waiting on us. It is NOT a great value. You will spend more than you would on a "regular" cruise line for decent food and services.

I will not be a return customer. Bye bye, NCL.

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