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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star Robert Hawaii May 5, 2003

I can't imagine anyone having anything good to say about this miserable cruise ship other than to justify the enormous amount of money they threw away on it! I have never spent this much money and been so disappointed with my purchase. I will never make the mistake of using Norwegian (NCL) again, and am writing this in hopes that others won't make the same mistake. Everything about this ship is 2nd class.

Dates: 5-4-2003 Thru 5-11-2003 Cabin 10661 Hawaiian Cruise.

Forget about seeing Hawaii okay. 85% of what you'll be seeing is the inside of this cruise ship. This is in order to accommodate the jam-packed itinerary Norwegian has designed to cram in a stop at Fanning Island. You'll be rushed off the ship, through your excursion, and back onto the ship just in time to listen to the captain painfully blunder through the English dictionary as he attempts to explain travel plans. You're guaranteed to be as confused as he is, but you'll be especially annoyed at the cruise director's horrible Phil Hartman impersonation, which he feels compelled to do every time he opens his mouth.

The most popular pastime is Bingo and eating, so if you're under 90 you'll be spending a lot of time eating, which is a chore because the food is very bland. Hamburgers are cooked to the point that they're folding up on the ends, and fly's are apparently very clean here because the staff doesn't mind them swarming all over the food. Different restaurants have identical menus, and you'll be sending back a lot of dishes.

If you like wine, it starts at $24 a bottle, not bad if you like Boones Farm or Mad Dog 20/20. If you buy 5 bottles during the trip you get the sixth free, but you'll need to set aside about an hour and a half for the full audit they'll be performing on your room account to make sure you've really bought 5 bottles. It took the waiter and 2 restaurant managers to get me my free bottle. You can buy buckets of beer too. 5 bottles domestic for $15.95 and you get the 6th bottle free. I wasn't stupid enough to fall for this, so I can't comment on the difficulty in obtaining that 6th bottle. The mixed drinks are awful. If you like water you'll be paying $3.00 for a bottle of it. If you like soda, you'll be paying $1.50 for a can of it. Norwegian automatically ads 15 percent gratuity to all drinks, on top of the $10 per day per person rule, so you don't have to worry about whether or not the service was decent. Note: Norwegian ups the cost of a soda to $5.95 on Fanning Island. The onboard entertainment is sub-par. The lounge musicians are okay, but for the most part you've seen more talent at a Six Flags presentation.

The crew speaks perfect English unless you're having a problem. The room stewards are great. You'll never come back to a dirty room even if you're only gone 15 minutes.

Don't get sick! It will cost you $40.00 just to talk to a nurse during working hours, and $100.00 during non-working hours. Don't get hurt either. No Surgeons or Doctors.

The hot tubs are always Luke-warm, and the swimming pools are designed for children complete with huge water slides, which leave little or no room for real swimming.

The Pacific is rough so bring your patches as this ship has no stabilizers and you can feel the motion constantly. Let me say that again. You will feel a good amount of motion on this ship 100% of the time regardless of weather conditions. In conclusion, if you are the type of person who expects premium prices to yield superior service than Norwegian is not for you. However, if you're the type of person who thinks a quality nights rest can be had at a Motel 8, than you just might be the sucker Norwegian is looking for.

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