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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Spirit by Chuck Eastern Caribbean June 28, 2008

We sailed on this very ship four years ago to Alaska and we had a great time. This time, we noticed the ship (Spirit) to be quite run down -- walls, carpet, stairs, signs and push buttons were all worn out. One of the elevators didn't work -- was stuck on 7th floor.

Entertainment shows were POOR to AWFUL. Performers couldn't sing or dance. A high school drama club could do better.

Many staff did not care and some were not very friendly, like the one in the duty free jewelry shop -- he would not let us enter the raffle game, and the waiter who gave us a dirty look when we ordered more than one entree per person.

The free drinks and hors d'oeuvre during the Past Latitude Members party were so short and lacking that it was woefully embarrassing. We only had one drink and ONE piece of hors d'oeuvre and then the waiters stopped coming out with more.

The morning exercise consultant charged us $25 and showed us NOTHING. He made us do some sit ups and some push ups for 40 minutes -- it was a total rip off. Ping-pong paddles, tables, and nets were worn and broken, and there were not enough ping pong balls to go around.

The host for the Trivia Game could not speak English. We had to ask him to spell out each word he tried to say. Change machine was out of order so my boys couldn't get quarters to play the arcade games. The arcade machines were all so OLD and outdated, and they kept breaking down. The kids lost a lot of quarters.

The toilets were dirty and smelly. One toilet had crap all over the side and I almost threw up when I tried to use it right after dinner. The smoke from the Casino drifted all the way out into the hall area. There were so many smokers and they were breaking all the rules. The windows in my cabin and in other common areas were so dirty I had a hard time looking outside. The handrails were sticky from maple syrup.

The 24/7 Blue Lagoon was misleading -- they don't serve regular meals in the morning. The waiting time to be seated in the main dining room was 45 minutes!!! They give you a beeper so you could walk around while you wait. This is not quite freestyle dining.

The TV remote control in my room did not work. I complained to the front desk and they told me to hold the remote right up against the TV. What kind of remote is that?

The chocoholic night was so inadequate they might as well skip it. The food ran out in less than half an hour. There was just not enough staff to keep up with the overall service around the entire ship. There were spills on the floor that took forever to clean up. Even the numerous flags that string along the cable on the top deck were so torn that they looked pathetic. They should not even raise them.

There is just not much to do on the ship, not even a movie theater. I can go on and on -- essentially this ship has deteriorated a lot and management did not do enough to keep it up. The staff service has also gotten worse. NCL needs to re-train all of them. They need to get back to the basics -- customer satisfaction.

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