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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Spirit Repositioning Cruise May 11, 2005

We had never been on a cruise so when my husband had asked about this I was a little nervous. Since we live in BC the short three night repositioning cruise from LA to Vancouver BC seemd like a good way to get our feet wet. We combined 7 days at Disneyland then did the cruise and after seven days of heavy walking the cruise was a godsend.

The arrival went smoothly, we got there at 12:30 and had boarded by 1:30 ...keep your ID and NCL card out they ask for it continely. I was very aware of the rule of not bringing your own liquor on board however we always bring back at least four bottles of wine to put in our collection. I phoned NCL and they said to wrap it carefully and put it into it's own bag and give it to them when we arrive at San Pedro and they would return it when we arrived back in Vancouver. I pack it away with all of our trickets that we had bought, it would make it easier to go through customs, but when we arrived they wrisked away our all of our luggage so quickly bag of wines included. I was thinking ...oh no they are going to mistakenly think I am trying to smuggle wine on board..when we got to back to our room late afternoon our all bags were there untouched. the wine was still there.

We had a inside room on the tenth floor, there were myself, husband and two boys. When we walked inot the very small room we were shocked to see how small it was....there was not no way it could sleep four people. My husband asked the room stewert who smiled and said "Go enjoy yourself, you see tonight what we do"......She was incredible the whole trip and the room did indeed sleep four..tightly yes but more then worked.

The bathroom was larger then we expected and the shower was GREAT, loved the shower. The cabin had more then enough storage space and shelves and such. I had read about the lack of hangers so I bought my own.

We explored the huge ((to us))) ship it was very pretty, with an asian influence. WE first ate at Raffles....lots of food, great selection, at first we were impressed but after day three it had lost it's charm, that said, it did make a good snack or carry through until the next meal. My youngest son and I got up every morning for their waffle and Omlet bar, walked around the ship for a few hours and then had a small breakfast with the rest of the family in Windows.

The food ranged from ok ((raffles))) to better ((window) to great ((La Bristo, great dinner, wonderful server 4 stars there and Shoguns, good but not as good as bistro , kids loved the sushi)) The fish and chips at Henry's pup were awsome and the Blue lagoon's food looked, smelled, and tasted incredible. Their hamburgers rocked!!!!

The bar-b-ques were going on alot and we loved the ribs and chicken but the burgers were dry and we found Blue Lagoon's better.

Drinks were good and HUGE ..we got the boys soda cards $15.00 each ((stickers they pasted on the their room cards ))and they never had any problems using them. GREAT deal..

The show we saw were a comedy act, kind of a Rodney Dangerfield but alright. A juggler who was very good and a cooking lesson which rocked. We ended up booking into Shogun the next night and ordering what they had made ...YUMMY.

The hot tubs were very cold.. which was too bad because the weather was quite windy and cold, the Alaskian cruise they surely turn the heat up??? the pool was warmer. Nevr had any problem getting deck chairs or towels.

The woman's bathrooms, especially by the casino, were disgusting they were not maintained well at all. YUCH...Whicj surprised me since the rest of the ship was kept very very clean.

The Kids program was a joke....the 13 year olds only had a few kids sign up so the crew did not bother showing up to all of the events they has scheduled, which was concerning to say the least. The events they did hold , my son loved but many times he was disappointed when he would arrive with the other young teens and they would wait and wait and wait for the organizers to arrive and they didn't. I was not aware of this until the last night when I walked him down for the last event ((which started at 11:30 PM) and waited until 12 and no crew member showed up....what a joke...that is when the other parents told me about what was going on.

Would I cruise again???? YES but I would try another cruise line and it would have to be somewhere warm. Did I enjoy this cruise??? Yes, the crew was incredible, kids program not included. The entertainment was good the food was better then I expected for most part. I would like to try another higher grade of cruiseline. Am I hooked??? I am already wondering where to go next. This website was a greta help in planning this cruise thank you

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