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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Sky by Rob Alfonso Bahamas September 11, 2009

NCL Sky, Miami, Nassau, Great Stirrup Cay 09/11/09

Ship NCL advertises this ship as the newest in the Miami / Bahamas market. I agree..

This ship is more of the super ship design like the destiny class. If your not looking to go on a 90's era ship this is your cruise to the Bahamas.

Now I need to be critical of NCL. While this is a newer ship, NCL is in third place when it comes to attention to detail. Let me give you some examples.

The stateroom was clean and functional, and you did feel very clean and comfortable.

However.. the bathroom floor was not spotless as you will ALWAYS find it spotless on Carnival and RCCL.

There also were signs of wear and tear, like a scratched up table in the stateroom, oxidation on door locks, cracking in the bathroom sink basin where the water stopper is located, and oversized light bulbs stuffed in the ceiling light pins.

The wear is not major in most cases, but its also a sign that NCL has been ignoring these things.

Bottom line NCL, little things leave big impressions, if the other guys can get it done right so can you.

NCL will need to take her offline at some point to get these things fixed or they will become old ship issues quickly, tainting her newness image.

Especially since this ship has two cruises in every seven day stretch, which is allott of people using and breaking things in short periods of time.

Activities NCL offers a behind the scenes (how a cruise ship works) tour for anyone who wants to go, you don't need to be a frequent cruiser, HOWEVER, NCL charges $55 per person for the pleasure. Come on NCL, are you serious?? I paid my cruise fair, I spent $300 in your casino and $600 more in the spa and on drinks, maybe you could throw this in possibly?

I found this just absolutely chinsy NCL..

The Sky has all your usual ship fun, shuffle board, ping pong, spa, shows, music, comedy, photography, and dance lessons.

Ok so here NCL is exactly the same as its competition and its quality is no better or worse. SO don't base your decision on the activities.

To the good, and there is a lot of good here.

Food Let me be clear, NCL has the BEST food at sea when comparing the value cruise lines in my humble opinion.

I have been on all the major players many times and the food was great!

It was Fresh, different, and had well thought out menus.

I tasted the buffet, room service, and the main dining room and there were dishes I had never had before. Everything was full of flavor, the portions were great, and the service was excellent.

To add to this, what other cruise line has Wonton Soup at midnight? NCL has it. That's right! Wonton Soup. Check it out at the "Great Outdoors" bar. They actually have a full menu available until the very early hours of the night.

A+++++ NCL well done.

Sky, the concept.

I think NCL wants to be different, you can tell in just about everything they do.

The colors in the rooms and the public areas are different and not boring. The bars are set out in new and exciting ways, and the ship in general was thought out in a much different and exciting way then your usual mega ship way.

If you're bored with nornal, NCL is the way to go. I will say the ship is so different I got totally lost at first, not to fear though, they have clear, intelligible signs everywhere and by day two I was fine.

One great difference is this ship has an open terrace area aft called the "Great Outdoors", with a buffet and bar overlooking the water and sky, its a really nice place to eat or drink and have fun.

Costs There is value here, you can sail for as little as $199 per person in an inside cabin, or around $299 for a balcony, of course depending on the date the price will go up. Add $45 per person for port charges.

Premium Food This ship has three premium restaurants, of which I visited none, you see, I still think all food should be included, so I don't go for this gimmick.

However in fairness, you may want to try these out if your into French, Italian or a Steak House. There is a flat cover fee which includes all the food you can eat.

The Drinks As far as alcohol, drinks cost between $4 and $18, depending on what you like.

I ordered two red bull and Grey Goose drinks and it cost me $32. I almost fell out of my chair, so be warned, ask first before you order. NCL you think maybe that's a little too much??

Port Parking This ship is home ported in Miami.

Get ready to pay $20 per day to park your car at the port, so if you live in the area get a friend to drop you off or pick you up, or take a taxi because its outrageous. We can thank Dade County for this, as usual; they soak you when you have no alternatives.

Getting on and off Embarkation and disembarkation was smooth, we chose to carry our luggage out and we were off in 10 Minutes, 20 minutes if you count going thru customs.

Summary All in all, for a 3 or 4 day Bahamas cruise, this is a better deal than what RCCL and Carnival offer by a mile, for now anyways.

I sincerely hope the other carriers get a little more competitive with each other, a nice price war would be great for us cruisers ;-)

Happy cruising.

I will will be posting some pictures soon.

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