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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Sky by jill Bahamas August 11, 2008

I was disappointed in Norwegian Cruise Lines, as I was told the room for me and my 2 teenage sons was as big as a Holiday Inn Hotel room. That was a lie. It was half the size of a normal hotel room. I had to climb over my son's bed (pull out couch bed). It was tiny -- the size of a little girl's play house bed. So I climb over his bed. His legs get scrunched up, while I'm going to the bathroom, or getting the door. The room was tiny! It ruined the first part of our trip. We were given on our 3rd night of the cruise the same room on the 8th deck (which is where I was supposed to have been in the first place), and was what I had requested when making my reservation. The new room the manager offered us was a little better in that it had one big bed for 2 instead of 2 little tiny kids' beds and a pullout sofa bed. Oh, it did still have the tiny sofa bed too, but they turned it so that we could get to the bathrooom if we needed too, but we still had to climb on top of the bed to get there. The only problem with the room they wanted to give us was that the AC wasn't working properly, and they offered us a fan. The room downstairs was ice cold, which we liked. So, in the end I stayed in that room and my kids went up to the 8th floor room (so in the end we were satisfied), not enough to take another cruise with NCL though.

'd get back to me. So Ginny, the other manager, told me to come to her office. She said there's nothing anyone could do for me. The next day I got mad and asked to speak to her manager, a man. He listened to me and offered me the other room I told you about, but when I said the AC's not working right, he got all upset, and was like "that's all we can do for you mam; we've offered you 2 rooms for the price of one." We took it, fan and all.

In all parts of the ship, the service was very good -- not excellent -- but good (I have been on better ships with better service though), but all in all no complaints there.

The food was Ugh!! It was very bad, except in the dining rooms that you pay extra for. Cagney Steak House cost us $157 dollars plus extra for a tip. The tip was included but the service was very good. The food there was high quality, and very good steaks. The desserts were good too.

In the Palace, the food was horrid. The lobster (they say it is from Maine) didn't look like it or taste like it, and was pre-frozen. It was very tough. That being said, I did have two tails. The service was very good though, and the dining room manager was very nice and accommodating to us.

The Crossings for breakfast was good. It was not the best of food, but pretty decent for breakfast fare. No complaints there and the service was exceptionally good!

Room service was lame. The service always takes one hour. Sometimes it was quicker for just drinks. They had a lame menu -- turkey sub with like one slice of turkey in it; a BLT that was made with oldddd bacon; sogy bread; chicken fingers that were cold, not even warm; and pizza that was horrible, a small round one that a kid could make. It was just not good.

On the last night of the cruise we were hungry and wanted something to eat. Bam, room service said since it's the last night of the cruise there is no room service. What?????? That didn't seem right, so I called the front desk and they did get me some food, but it took one hour or more, and the food was old and cold.

The entertainment was lame as well. There was a corny commedian (frankly, I could've been more funny). Some of the music sounded nice though and on the all white night my kids had a good time. The teen room was lame also, and my kids wouldn't even go in there. It was too boring.

The pools were a definite disappointment. They were small and didn't look appealing, so we didn't even go in them once. And it was the same for my teens, and that's the main reason I was going on the cruise -- to swim.

Would I go on another NCL cruise? No, I wouldn't due mainly to the room size.

Bon voyage!

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