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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Majesty by Jacki Dooley Bermuda March 24, 2002

Day 1 Embarkation: My husband and I arrived at the Black Falcon Terminal at 11:30 AM. We immediately were checked in and given our boarding passes. After check-in we had to wait for about 30 minutes before they started letting anyone board the Majesty. Security was just like at the airports, you had to go through scanners. We were on the ship by 12:30. You enter the ship on Deck 5.

We were immediately taken to our stateroom by one of the stewards. It was nice to have someone take my heavy carryon from me! We asked the steward if he could put our beds together. When he tried to move the cabinet between the two beds to slide them together, it couldn't be moved. It turns out the cabin was one that could not be converted. Now, before everyone yells, check the book, the book we had did not have the asterisk in the corner and when we booked the cruise back in December, we asked the NCL booking agent twice if the beds could be put together and she said yes that stateroom could be converted. Well, needless to say, we were very disappointed. We went to the purser's desk and there was nothing they could do since the cruise was sold out. After this we headed to the buffet in the Cafe Royale.

Muster drill was at 3:45 but since it was raining, we didn't have to go outside for it. Luggage took quite a while to get to our cabin. We didn't receive our luggage until after we sailed. The ship didn't actually sail until 4:30. Make sure you are on the Sundeck when you leave Boston Harbor. You cross the harbor at the point the airplanes come in for landings at Logan. The planes are so close you think they are going to hit the top of the ship!

The first night at sea was rough. The seas were six to eight feet. You'll see a lot of people with patches behind their ears or with seabands on their wrists. We went to dinner in the Seven Seas Dining room. After dinner we went to the welcome aboard show in the Palace Theater. The Jean Ann Ryan Dance Company was ok. The comedian, John Pinney was very funny. After the shows we headed to make what would become our nightly donation to the Monte Carlo Casino!

Day 2 At Sea: The seas started out a little rough but by early evening they had started to calm a little. I actually ended up with my seabands on by afternoon. There were pool games and contests going on most of the day. Only one pool was open as the seas were rough and windy and the water was blowing all over the place. The Caribbean Wave band played most of the afternoon by the pool. Today we decided to have fun and start our bar hopper's pass. You get a card and have to get it punched at various bars throughout the ship. Hey, it was something fun to do at sea. Tonight was the Captain's Dinner so the majority of the people were dressed up very nicely for dinner. This is a good night to get pictures taken and you can go to several different locations. For entertainment we went to listen to John Pinney again in the Royal Fireworks and then to the Polo Lounge to listen to the piano player. Once again, made our donation to the casino on our way back to the cabin.

Day 3 Arrive in Bermuda: We slept a little late and were surprised to see that Bermuda was in sight when we went to have breakfast at 9:30. The rough seas of the past two days must have moved us south faster! Make sure you are on the upper deck and on the right side as you enter St. George's Harbor. This way you can see the cannon fire and the Town Crier welcome you to the Island of Bermuda. Wait till you see the cut the Majesty has to go through to get in the harbor. The cut is so narrow it looks like the ship won't fit. The Majesty docks at Ordnance Island. This is the better of the two docking piers as it is right in St. George's Square. Throughout the week you will see other ships docked behind you at Penno's Wharf. We got off the ship and immediately purchase 3-day bus passes. The cost was $23 each. We hopped the next bus and went to Crystal Caves. We did both the Crystal and Fantasy Cave. If you only want to do one cave, do the Crystal Cave. After the caves we went to the Swizzle Inn. All my friends said you haven't been to Bermuda until you've been to the birthplace of the rum swizzle! Beware; the rum swizzles are extremely potent! Halfway through my swizzle, I told my husband we better get something to eat! After we hopped the bus back to St. George's Square and walked up (and down) to Tobacco Bay. This is a small beach but my husband said it was better for snorkeling than some of the other beaches we went to later in the week. Make sure you walk past the concession stand to the right. The black coral formations are beautiful over in that area. Take a walk all the way down to the fish pier at the end. I took quite a few photos there! After we walked back up the hill (and down) and stopped at the unfinished church. Later in the week we found out there is a mini bus that takes you to Tobacco Bay, Ft. St. Catherine's, it is located to the left of Town Hall and costs $2 pp each way. Tonight Caribbean Wave played on the pool deck. We danced and enjoyed the evening!

Day 4 Bermuda: Today it was pouring when we got up. So, instead of wasting the day, we hopped in the hot tub and enjoyed the morning. When the rain let up we headed into Hamilton. Hamilton is a city and basically there is nothing there but shopping and eating. We did get to see 3 other cruise ships docked down on Front Street. The sun came out so we headed to Elbow Beach. The bus lets you off right in front of the Elbow Beach Hotel. We walked down the road to the Beach. We used the hotel's cabana's to change in. No one said anything. Maybe because it isn't that busy this time of year. Hubby went snorkeling for a while. After a few hours here we started to head back to the ship. Tonight Amadeus played on the pool deck for entertainment.

Day 5 Bermuda: Got up early and took the bus to Horseshoe Bay. You have to trek down a long steep hill to get from the bus stop to Horseshoe Bay. Don't worry..there was a minivan at the bottom that will drive you to the top for $1 per person. We spent the first half at the day at Horseshoe Bay until it started to get really crowded. The beach is really pretty here. At Elbow Beach and Horseshoe, the sand is so soft. If you look closely you can see the pink in the sand. After we took a cab back to St. George's. The driver took us along a part of the island we hadn't seen yet and showed us all the rich folks homes. The scenery is beautiful along this route too. When we got back we headed up (& down) to Tobacco Bay so hubby could do some more snorkeling. Tonight's entertainment was Caribbean Wave on the pool deck again. We opted to do some bar hopping around town. Not much happens in St. George's after 10:00 PM. All the shops close at 6:00 and all but one restaurant closes at 10:00. So we headed back to the ship and enjoyed the deck party.

Day 6 Leaving Bermuda: Got up extra early today and we had breakfast on the sundeck so we could enjoy our last morning in Bermuda. Decided before we got off the ship to go shopping that we would be bad and save chairs on the sundeck for the sail out. Got our beach gear and plopped them on a couple of chairs then headed in to town for shopping. It's true, everything in Bermuda is expensive. Spent way too much money and really didn't get much. Spent our last hours in Bermuda going to the oldest Anglican Church, St. Peter's. Then we went to Sommers Garden. This area was so beautiful. Very well taken care of and lots of varieties of flowers. Then it was back to the ship for 11:30. We immediately headed for our spot on the top deck and frowned as we pulled out of St. George's. Today at sea was beautiful and calm. We enjoyed the rest of the day on the upper deck with Caribbean Wave playing and the volleyball tournament. This was the first evening we had a sunset. On the way down it was mostly cloudy and in Bermuda you couldn't see the sunset over the horizon. So we made sure we enjoyed the sunset. As the sun set on the horizon we noticed something jumping on the other side of the ship, it was a school of about 5 dolphins. This really made the trip home memorable. Actually made it to the disco tonight. It was 80's music so we had a lot of fun. Tonight was also the Chocoholic Buffet. Wait till you see the desserts. Make sure you arrive early. We got there late and there wasn't much left.

Day 7 At Sea: This would be our last full day on vacation. We spent the morning and early afternoon on the upper deck until it got to foggy and started to rain. We went and made another donation to the casino and just relaxed around the ship. by late afternoon the seas were extremely rough, 10-12 ft waves. The weather had gotten very cold too. Not many people out on the decks tonight. We went to see Amadeus play in Royal Fireworks and then off to the disco again for some last minute dancing. Put the luggage out, knew the end was near.

Day 8 Disembarkation: This was the easiest disembarkation I ever had. They called each group by the color tags you put on your luggage the night before. Disembarkation started at 9:00. We were the 4th group called and were off the ship by 9:30. All the luggage is grouped in the terminal by tag color so it makes it easier to find.

Overall the trip was wonderful. The food was fine. FYI - the chef was a former White House Chef. We loved the size of the ship, small and comfortable. It was so nice to stay in one port for more than 8 hours. I wish more ships would stop for two days in ports and eliminate the "see how many islands we can do in one week" itinerary. The staff were very attentive, contrary to other posts. We loved the Freestyle dining option. You never had to worry about rushing to dinner. We also decided we will do this again in two years and this time we'll bring our daughter along. Bermuda was nice, clean and we found the people to be very friendly.

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