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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Majesty by Tim R Western Caribbean December 15, 2007

This was our second experience on the Majesty. The first was two years ago and a very pleasant experience. It was also my first cruise. This time we felt like we knew exactly what to expect.

I know that the cruise line has nothing to do with the weather, but this was a very rough ride, almost the whole time. We found that the water was rough on the first trip between Florida and Cuba. This time we were in rough water for the entire first couple of days and the last day and night were downright scary.

The food was not nearly as good as it was a couple of years ago and the menus seem to be much more narrow. We also ate at the fancy French Bistro and although the presentation was spectacular, the flavor was not that impressive. The buffet on the top deck is great for breakfast with custom-made waffles and omelets. But is does get tiring standing in three different lines to get your food. The pizza and burger place is consistent and good.

The entertainment on the ship is very good. We especially enjoyed the Carribean band that played on the pool deck.

We loved the casino, although we wish we would have done a little better on the return.

The last night on the boat, as I said, was scary. Starting in the afternoon the boat began to toss. I became ill and went to bed. Around midnight my wife woke me to help her get the last of our bags packed and placed outside our door for removal. It was all I could do to walk down the hall to get something to drink. I walked through the casino to get a ginger ale at the bar and the casino was almost empty. This was the only time I had seen so few people without it being closed. Once we got our luggage taken care of and went back to bed, my wife noticed that the boat was not moving other than tossing. We were making no forward motion. We found out the next morning that a window had supposedly blown in on the fifth deck and we were stopped for five hours for it to be repaired. Also, we found out that the captain had gone 75 miles out of the way to try to dodge the storm.

We were told by some of the crew that they knew nothing about the window, but later we overheard other crew members talking about it. Needless to say, everyone was ready to get off the boat and kiss the ground. We will never travel on that boat again.

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