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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Majesty by Ron Vogele Bermuda November 4, 2006

Our cruise departed from Charleston,South Carolina 11/4/06. The ship was late arriving from Bermuda and we were told it was a mechanical problem and would be fixed. NCL never made any attempt to contact us of the delay so we waited in the street 6 hours in our vehicles because there is no where to park on the Charleston waterfront. The Port police and the city police hassled everyone to keep moving or get a ticket.

Once on board and underway we received an important notice from the captain that the ship had one of the 4 engines disabled and we would be arriving a day late in Bermuda. They knew this before we left but never gave a chance to cancel. We, and many other passengers took this trip to see Bermuda not poke along on a old tub of a ship. The ship was dirty and in disrepair.

Freestyle dining is terrible and the food in both dining rooms was bland and arrived cold most of the time.They had a buffet on deck 9 but the dining area only had 112 seats for 1400+ passengers so if you chose to eat there you had to go out by the pool which was usually very windy and uncomfortable. We still feel the food on the buffet was the previous days leftovers. The ship had no redeeming features. No sheets on the beds unless you requested them, a showroom with 2nd rate entertainment and uncomfortable furniture. We witnessed 3 people fall when their chairs broke. I read reviews about this ship and said it couldn't be that bad, but it was.

We were cut from 3 days in Bermuda to one and a half. It is too bad because Bermuda is a beautiful island, We had a 5 hour bus tour and a day in Hamilton which were great but getting there was not.I could go on and on about the failure of this ship and a captain who could not communicate with his passengers. We have cruised on Costa and Celebrity the past few years with great success but this NCL ship was and still is a Floating Disaster. I guess our foremost complaint is this ship was out the week before us with only 3 of the 4 engines operating and they were getting ready to immediately go back out again and do it all over again.NCL deceived and cheated 1400+ people on our trip and all we got was a constant "sorry for the inconvenience".

This was the first cruise on NCL and last. If you want to see Bermuda please fly but do not make the mistake that we made.

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