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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Majesty
Southern Caribbean
December 27, 2005

We sailed on the Norwegian Majesty December 27th -Jan. 7th from Charleston S.C. We have previously cruised on Celebrity,Carnival, and Cunard. This was our 5th cruise on the Majesty and the worse cruise for service and food that we have ever experienced on any ship. We were in a catagory C cabin , the same cabin we had been in twice before. We never saw the Room Steward in 11 days. Our room was made up at his/her convience in the early afternoon regardless of the make up room card in the door. We had only one life jacket and despite repeated calls to reception and attending the life boat drill without one we were simply told , ask you room Stewart. We left on the 7th still with only one life jacket. The third drop down bed was never fully put up against the wall despite repeated requests and in fact the top was used to hold the bed spreads. The straps hung out underneath the entire cruise. The room was clean, the air conditioning worked etc. but I would rate the service as what one would expect at a Holiday Inn.
We rarely could get through to room service and when we did never recieved it. We tried ordering through reception and even though the order was taken it was never received. We gave up on that.   The food in the dining room was ok although not at the level of past cruises on the Majesty. Severce was however excellent. The buffet food however was uneditable.I very much agree  with an earllier reviewer. The food was clearly leftovers and was never refreshed nor replaced. Further there was never enough help to keep a stock of glasses, silverware, ice, etc. Only when a passenger asked was the proceedure begun to replace it. The same was true to a lesser degree at the on deck cooking stations. The grill was fine but shorthanded. After a shore excursion they had only one worker with a line all tthe way back to mid ships. The entertainment was fine although the cruise director sems to be out of place. She appeared to me to be in over her head. Shore excurisons were mixed. They no longer had people wait in the theater until their group was called but rather had them line up in the stairwells and hallways for 45 minutes at one port. The St. Kitts train excursion , one of the more pricey trips was changed from 10:30 until 11:30 on the ship and then until 1:00 on the dock. Then we were told that we were guaranteed we would recieve the entire tour and the ship would wait for us. The train ride was to be 2 hour and 15 minutes. It lasted only 1 hour and 10 minutes.(It was great) We spent the other hour and a half riding to the station and back to the ship. They let us off where there was not even a road or a station. A number of us complained and the excurson desk sent us a note admitting that we had not recieved what we paid for but only giving us a 30% refund. Since they had not yet paid for the excursion it seems to me they had it in their power to withhold the entire payment and give us a full refund which is what any reputable business would be expected to do if they did not deliver what they had guaranteed.
This was our first bad experience on the Majesty and I hope it was just because the ship was too full, there were too many regulars gone or because of the holidays. I have written their customer service department and hope that they will respond to my complaints. I had a group of 20 cabins on the Majesty last March and have 8 cabins booked this March. If they do not improve we will be using another cruise line in the future. I do not expect all of the bells and whistles on free style cruising that I expect on a line like Celebrity but I do not expect second class. Best you check with somone who has gone since we have before you book.

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