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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Majesty Bermuda October 3, 2004

The cruise was a disappointment. The ship is old and worn. We booked an inside cabin and found it to be much smaller than other inside cabins we have had. The bathroom provided no storage for toiletries. The cabin itself has a minmium of storage. The HVAC was a roar that interupted our sleep.

This is not a trip for non-smokers. Except for the Palace Theater and dining rooms which are nonsmoking, there is no separation into non smoking and smoking areas in any of the lounges or on deck. As a result, we could not go into any of the lounges and frquently had no escape on deck from cigar and cigarette smokers upwind of us.

The service in the dining rooms was extremely slow (2-3 hours for a meal). Food on the buffet was mediocre. Hint - the scrambled eggs on the breakfast buffet are ineatable. The omelet station does have fresh eggs cooked to order, but because they are kept out of sight, many people do not realize that eggs are available. Do not eat seafood on this ship, it was frequently of poor quality or overcooked. The "Nova Scotia" lobster tails served at the Captain's dinner were spiny lobsters, not northern lobsters. They were mushy (thermally abused). The clams in the clam sauce were also mushy and bad tasting. The smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet was out at room temperature too long and also off textured.

The entertainment in the Palace Theater ranged poor to good. The singers and dancers of the Majesty were great. Unfortunately, they only performed three nights. The other nights consisted of Irish Step Dancers (straight from NYC), an Irish comedian (routine was jokes of being poor, Irish and Catholic), and a sting quartet that were excellent musicians but tried to be a comedy act that became old ahter 10 minutes(the leader screamed and haragued the audience in an Irish accented falsetto).

The ship docks in St. George. This means you are 1 hour from Hamilton and two hours from the south shore beaches. It would be better to spent part of the port time docked in Hamilton.

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