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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Jewel by michael Western Caribbean December 16, 2007

Norwegian's customer service is undoubtedly the WORST in the industry. Our family (my parents, two sisters, their husbands and four children -- a total of 11 of us), booked a five (5) night cruise in September, 2007, on the Norwegian Jewel for December 16, 2007, to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. We were involved in a head on collision that was not our fault after a pick-up truck crossed the median on I95 and struck us head on 100 miles from Miami, the morning of the date of departure and we all were hospitalized, some overnight. Of course none of us were able to go on the cruise. When we returned from Miami, we contacted Norwegian to ask if they might be willing to help us with some type of credit for a future cruise. Their Customer Service department informed us that they did make certain exceptions with regard to credit for missed cruises and stated that we would need to send a formal letter with documentation to their Customer Service department. We spent three days and countless hours putting together the letter and documentation only to get a response three weeks later stating that it would be unfair to other NCL customers that had accepted their terms and conditions if they were to issue us any type of credit or even partial credit and that there were NO exceptions!

We spent a number of hours on the phone with Customer Service representatives and even two "Executive Assistants" to the CEO. We were floored when two of those "Executive Assistants" actually said it was "too bad!" It was incredible to us that not only did they flatly say "NO!" to our request, but they were rude and uncaring. Their Customer Service department had instructed us during a difficult and traumatic time to organize and draft a letter with documentation of our ordeal for credit or even partial credit on a future cruise, and then later sent us a letter stating that they would never have even considered the request to begin with.

We had never sailed on an NCL ship before and obviously we never will in the future. We have, however, sailed on Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity and have never had an experience with their Customer Service department even remotely similar to that of the experience we had with NCL. It is just incredible that NCL Customer Service, after intentionally leading us to believe we could expect some type of consideration, would then dismiss that request and callously declare that there would never be any exceptions! How could it possibly be a good business decision to dismiss our request for even partial credit, despite our having received prior instructions from their own Customer Service department to make that request? NCL, to our amazement, totally discounted the opportunity to make 11 new and forever loyal NCL customers for life. They never showed any kind of empathy and quite frankly became belligerent, annoyed and rude during phone conversations.

We just want to tell everyone about our horrible experience with NCL and hope that when others choose a cruise line for their travel experience, they will choose a cruise line that values its customers.

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