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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of Hawaii Hawaii July 24, 2006

Our trip started at the Marriott Waikiki beach. The hotel was very nice. In the lobby of the hotel, NCL has a hospitality desk. The day of arrival, we had to go there to get our hotel room tickets and check in for the ship. They instructed us that on our sailing day, Monday, 7/24/2006, we were to meet outside their door at 12:15 pm on Monday. Hotel check out was 11:00am so we got down around 11:30 and asked again, “Where do we wait?” We were told to have a seat outside their door and they would call us when the bus was ready. Well, about 12:20pm, we were still waiting. So I went around back to see what was going on and the bus is getting ready to leave. So we ran and got on it. We were never told anything but wait. This was our first bad experience with Polynesian Adventure Tours.

We got to the ship around 1:15 got right on. Nice! Oh, wait! We can’t go to our room, #10153, yet. Finally, at 4:15pm, we can go to our room. We walk in. The bed was made with dirty sheets. They had big yellow stains on them. Uneaten food was in the fridge, medical trash was in the bathroom, and the carpet was not vacuumed. I was in shock. Got on the phone and called downstairs. The purser said someone would be sent up right away. So we still cant UNpack or touch anything. The bathroom was so bad, my wife went to one of the public restrooms on deck. After an hour no one showed up! So I went to the halls. Down the hall working was a room Steward. She said they were way behind and need help and I need to keep calling. She told me that our room steward blew through our cabin, hauled ass and she was tired of doing his job. Finally, I found a floor manger and told him about our room. He jerked me around for about an hour. Then I found his boss. He came with to our room and could not believe what he was seeing. He had two crew members drop what they were doing and get to our room so it was finally clean around 6:30pm. At this time I told the floor manger I did not want our cabin Steward in our room because I lost all trust in him. So we used pool towels all week. So Day 1 sucked pretty much.

Day 2-Hilo. We signed up for ITO-601 Volcanoes National Park Odyssey 4-3/4 hours. Halfway there, we found out that we were put with the park and city tour that was 6-1/2 hours. We had a private charter with Blue Hawaii helicopter at 2:15pm. Now I am pissed off and nobody really cares. The driver said, “I will try to get you back by 2:00pm. So this tour is a waste because I am so mad! We get back at 2:05. Then the driver would not let me off to grab a cab that was leaving. When we got over to Blue Hawaii, we were late. We had to ride with someone they already booked. NCL made day two suck.

Day 3-Maui. We signed up for OGG630-Turtle reef scuba departs 10:30am. We had to take a 1-hr bus ride to get there. That was okay. We got back to bus pickup point at 3:15 PM only to find out that the bus would not pick us up till 5:30 pm. Okay. We have all our own dive gear so we can’t just walk around town. So we waited for 2 hrs. Then a bus pulls up to PICK UP PASSENGERS FOR THE LUAU (not back to the ship). Well, 5 people would not fit on this bus. SO THEY CALLED UP THE 5:30 (back to ship bus), our BUS, and put 5 passengers on it and sent it to the Luau. We were told another bus would be there 15 min ...IT got there at 7:05 pm! We got back to the ship at 8:15pm. I had a melt down. I cancelled ALL excursions and told them I wanted off the ship. All they could say was we are sorry and don't know way the five extra people were not put in a cab instead of our bus. The refunded all my excursion money, cancelled the future excursions without saying a word, and tried to calm me down.

Day 4-Maui. I tried to calm down. My wife cried the entire morning. The excursion desk got me a cab for my inconvenience and we went to the Maui Ocean Center. I paid for the tickets at the Maui Ocean Center.

Day 5-Kona. I got my own cab. We went to Turtle Beach-snorkeling. I had my first good day. I recommend this for everyone. This was on Kona.

Day 6-Kauai. We rented our own car and drove all over the island . Good day.

Day 7-Kauai. Same as day 6.

Day 8-Debarkation. We were told by the excursion desk that the ONLY guaranteed way to get on the Arizona Memorial was to take their tour-HNL602d Tour Pearl Harbor &USS Missouri…so we tried one last time. On the way to Pearl Harbor we found out that there was no guarantee; we get in line like everyone else. I was pissed again as this was a 78.00 bus ride per person. So when we got to Pearl Harbor we got all our stuff off the bus and put it in our sons car and left the tour. I also had to pay for that.

I am 47 years old and I have traveled the world. We always try to make the best out of every vacation even if they’re not going the way we like. As for this cruise there was no way to make it fun. I could not wait to get off your ship.

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