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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Gem by m brereton Bahamas November 29, 2008

How many things can go wrong?????

First got my reservation and then called NCL to see if an upgrade was available. Yes, ok for $400.00 get to room 9002. All was okay until we arrived to get on the ship and no one had any record of the upgrade.

I was told to go to our original room and wait. Our luggage would be delivered to our original room. Hours later there was still no luggage. We finally found it sitting outside room 9002.

Then we were asked to prove we paid for the upgrade. I contacted the credit card company and yes they had record of the charge. I contacted the travel agent and yes they too have record of the payment. I gave a copy of the statement to the "desk person," would said they would look into it.

Day 1 nothing. Day 2 still nothing, etc. Finally on day 7 we get a call from the concierge (Lisa Meyers) telling us that we will get a refund. When? Who knows.

We have taken 3 cruises on NCL in the last 15 months and are totally discouraged by the treatment we recieved. What was said sounded like we were lying about the upgrade. We were told that NCL would determine if we would get anything back.

We paid for a better room. What happened to it?

The cruise turned out to be a tension-packed week of put-offs, no answers, lack of decision-making and an uncomfortable feeling. We did not feel right using certain facilities with the room that we had. I would like someone from NCL to contact me so that we can discuss this issue.

Thank you for reading this.

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