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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Dream Eastern Caribbean December 5, 2004

My husband and I have been cruising for over 20 years and I have to say that this was the worst experience of all those years. I have never left a cruise ship disappointed; I left this cruise disappointed and disillusioned that NCL would allow this ship to operate as it did during the week we were on board. My "dream" turned into a nightmare from the very beginning. We are Latitude members and did not expect NCL to operate in this manner as they never have in the past.


We boarded the ship with no problems; check in was great! The entertainment was also good. The overall cleanliness of the ship is in question however. The sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, sofas and carpets were spotted with all sorts of stains; certainly not our experience on any of the other ships we have been aboard. Whenever, the sheets were changed, the sheets put on the bed were still spotted and certainly made one wonder about the overall cleanliness standards. The food however, left much to be desired. The buffets were terrible; we tried them several times and were disappointed each time. We went to the dining room and the food was barely passable. We have never been afraid to eat the food aboard ship but this food was not good. However, due to the ports and habit we always just eat the food aboard ship; never at the ports. The food that should have been cold like cole slaw was served on a piping hot plate. It may have been intended as a garnish, but it should have still been served properly since people do eat cole slaw. I firmly believe there was a problem with the food or water supply. My husband ate fish and became extremely ill and I do not eat fish at all as I am allergic to it. I do not know if that was the culprit as NCL nor the CDC has told us what happened to us during this cruise. I had queasiness but did not vomit or have diarrhea like my husband. I was however uncomfortable intestinally. We both drank the water and used the ice only on board the ship however. Should you need a copy of the CDC report we completed at the end of the cruise on us, please advise as we do have a copy of it and will be happy to fax it upon request.

Worst of all though, was my husband became extremely ill Wednesday afternoon and we were quarantined until Friday afternoon (by the way, we did both stay in our cabin during this whole time and I ordered from the limited room service menu; unlike many other quarantined guests who continued to wander the halls and let their children in the pools further spreading whatever disease hit the 50+ passengers who were quarantined). We know this fact, as many of the passengers were discussing this trip openly and calling the ship a "sick" ship as well as voicing their disappointment in the week. Veteran cruisers, like us, knew this should not have been allowed to happen.

My husband did not eat anything at all from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon with the exception of one cube of jello. He went to medical facility and was told he was the about the 35th case to seek medical attention at that time on Wednesday afternoon. My husband was so weak Thursday that the doctor came to the cabin to visit him. On Friday afternoon, he was somewhat better and we did go outside on the deck for fresh air after being released by the medical staff (by the way, passengers were still coming into the medical facility sick even at this late date in the cruise). While outside trying to get some fresh air after over 48 hours in our cabin, we heard one guest saying her whole family except her son was sick and were quarantined to the room but she refused to be quarantined and was out letting her son swim in the pool while she and her daughter spread the joy of illness to fellow passengers I am sure! This really made us uncomfortable since we did not know if we were going to be hit a second time with this illness! Does quarantine not really mean anything?? We abided by it and we expected others to also. I would never sail NCL again as they offered nothing more than a small credit on our onboard ship account if we paid for another cruise on their cruise line. After such a horrible experience why would anyone pay to see if things had improved??? It took 3 letters to NCL and they were all rude when replying to us. I am quite disappointed as I love to sail on cruiseships and this just very much disheartened me to know this cruise line has become so callous. I give this ship a 0!!! Mr. and Mrs. S. Williams

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