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Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Dawn Bahamas August 10, 2003

August 10 -- Got on the ship at 3:20pm went to our cabin and chilled until dinner time. than we ate dinner and went to a show an then to bed.

August 11 -- I went to the Garden Cafe for breakfast. Then I walked around. Than I went down to our cabin, watched some TV, and took a nap. After doing that, my Grandpa and I went for ice cream by the pool. (they had ice cream every day but it was really melted because they only packed it in ice). I also went for a swim in the pool. After that we went to our cabin to get ready for dinner. We went to dinner and then to a show. After the show my grandparents went to sleep and my father and I ordered room service. I had roast beef on rye while my father had turkey on French bread. We also had two iced teas to drink. And then we went to sleep.

August 12 -- Today we were in Port Canaveral, Florida We woke up at 7:30am because our tour left at 8:15am. We had breakfast in the Ventical restaurant. After breakfast we got on a bus to go to Universal Studios. It was really hot on the bus because they didn't have AC.

Here is a list and information on the rides we went on:

Jaws: I thought this ride was fun but it may be scary for children under 10. You ride in a boat and there is a fake shark trying to attack your boat. Also there is a part where you are close to fire and you can feel the heat of the fire on your face. But in the end you get back safely.

Earthquake: A very fun ride. When you get on the ride after they talk to you the train moves out of the station and you go to another station for the earthquake. There is a lot of noise and the train shakes a lot. Also there is fire close to you.

Men in Black (last ride) This ride was very cool. You shoot these ray guns at aliens and at the other car. (Long lines for double riders, go in the single rider line) If you go in single you will get in the same car but not in the same row. Also this ride spins a lot, it may make children dizzy. There was a long wait to get on these rides plus we had to go back to our ship. After we got back to the boat we went to dinner and a show. Then just as last night my grandparents went to bed and my father and I had room service then we went to bed.

August 13 -- Today we were in Miami, Florida. We went on the Everglades airboat ride. We got in a bus for a hour ride. We got there and we got the front seat in the airboat. They gave us earplugs so the noise won't hurt our ears. We went slow at first but then we picked up speed. We stopped and our guide told us about the Everglades. We saw crocodiles bite each other. Than we went back to the bus, went back to the ship and had dinner. Than we went to a show and to bed.

August 14 -- Today we were in Nassau, Bahamas. Went on a tour called " see and sea". We got on a boat and went out to another boat in the ocean. We changed boats and then we went down below and saw all kinds of fishes swimming outside the boat. That was cool. Than we got off the boat and we got on a tour bus and we took a guided tour around Nassau. Than we went back to the ship, ate dinner and went to a show. Than we went to the Blue Lagoon and then to bed.

August 15 -- Today we were at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. This is NCL's private island. We had a lot of fun swimming and eating there. Than we got back on the boat and went to our cabin to take a nap. Than we went to dinner and to a show. Than we went to sleep.

August 16 -- Today was our last day at sea. We woke up at 10:00am and went to breakfast. Than we went back to our cabin and we just chilled out to dinner. After dinner we went to the show and then to bed.

August 17 -- Got off the ship at 11:00am. Had to wait a long time for my uncle to pick us up.

I had a great cruise and I would cruise with NCL anytime.

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