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Norwegian Dawn
by Jack Leonard
Repositioning Cruise
May 3, 2003

Major compdlaint on the Norwegian Dawn concerns the 4 mid-ship elevators,which run from deck 4 to deck 13.

Upon exiting these elevators, each passenger is confronted with a portrait, by Andy Warhol, of an unsmiling Mao Tse Tung, which appearin different colors. They can't be missed, they are quite prominently displayed on the opposite wall.

As a veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, I am reminded of the thousands of American servicemen, and also our Allies, who are dead, because of Chinese intervention in these conflicts, primarily under the leadership of Chairman Mao.

I am outraged and insulted that Norweigan Cruise Lines has chosen such poor taste in this display. It is an affront to every American that sails on this otherwise magnificent ship.

I have outlined my complaint in a letter to NCL and am calling for a boycott of all their ships by patriotic Americans, until the portraits are removed and a public apology is issued.