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Norwegian Crown
by BDSou812
August 27, 2006

Parked at the dock in NYC and boarded around noon. Had an excellent lunch after dropping off our carry-on luggage. Having already been to Bermuda twice before via other cruise ships I really noticed that as advertised, the Crown was much smaller than the others.

Despite it size the ship was excellent. The food, entertainment, casino, and staff were excellent and the freestyle dining allowed us to eat where and when we wanted to. Although the ship offered several small alternative dining options we had most of our meals in the Seven Seas dining room. After all, Bermuda is all about Bermuda.

Bermuda was beautiful!! My family and I rented mopeds and enjoyed many of the gorgeous beaches and sites. On Thursday, we took our only excursion and when snorkeling in the Bermuda triangle where we saw two sunken ships and many fish in the crystal clear waters.

After reading several negative reviews, I find it hard to believe that anyone, on any cruise ship, could have a bad time in Bermuda. The beaches are beautiful, Horseshoe Bay is a MUST, and all the other smaller beaches offer all the beauty and privacy you could ask for.